Affordable Spring Clothes

Spring is finally here, but at this point of the year let’s be honest: can we really afford a whole new wardrobe? As college students, probably not. That’s why we have found some store options for cute, in-season clothes for those of us balling on a budget.


1. Forever 21

Currently, Forever 21 is doing their “spring steals” sale. They have anything from skirts, rompers, dresses, patterned pants, and even fun colored staples! Per usual, their pieces are affordable and most of them are priced in the single digits. They can be paired with many different outfits, too! Forever 21 is easily one of the best options to get the most bang for your buck.


Photo By: Forever 21


2. Zaful

Many girls love purchasing bathing suits from Zaful, however, right now they are having clearance sales on their spring clothes, too! Zaful has a large assortment of two-piece sets, rompers, and dresses with floral patterns. Their styles are perfect for spring parties!

Photo By: Zaful


3. Romwe

Jean shorts are getting old! One of the most anticipated spring fashion trends is patterns. Romwe has a large collection of patterned and bright colored shorts that can be paired with any basic top. These shorts can either be dressed up or dressed down. Most of these shorts retail for $10 and under!

Photo By: Romwe


4. Shein

The trend of floral rompers and two-piece sets is very much in full effect! Shein currently has their spring sale going on, and not only are new styles marked down, but they are also giving discounts based off of how much money you spend.

Photo By: Shein


Happy Spring!

Do not hesitate to revamp your spring wardrobe just because you do not have a lot of money to spare. The options above will give you the looks you want at a decent price!