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9 Reasons Why Dads Deserve More Credit

1.      They are so supportive.

Oh you want to switch your major? Okay. You got a tattoo? At least it is pretty. Sometimes Dad is the only one in your corner. Though he might not be vocally supportive, he was probably at every possible sports event and ballet recital you had when you were a tot. He will always give you his support, within reason.

2.      They won’t judge you

They won’t remind you that eating four pieces of pizza isn’t “lady-like”. Dads accept you for who you are, no matter if you can’t decide a major or you haven’t put makeup on in a week.

3.      They’ll make your day

You didn’t make the team? You got dumped? Your dad will be there, as a shoulder to cry on or whatever you need. Dad always knows how to make you crack a smile, even when you might not want to. Deep down we all love Dad jokes.

4.      They’re Goofy

Whether they are singing to Fergie or dragging you on a dance floor at a family party, they know how to make you laugh. They are always unapologetically themselves, which probably wasn’t awesome when you were 13, but now you can appreciate their humor.

5.      They calm you down

No matter what, they keep you grounded. That breakup wasn’t worth the tears, and neither were those ex-BFFs of yours. Dads always know what to say and how to say it, they will stop you from making emotional decisions, which Mom will sometimes support.

6.      They Understand

They have known you your whole entire life. They understand you pretty well, they know when you’re mad, sad, frustrated, and though they will do anything to help, sometimes they know it is better to let you feel those emotions. They know that if you get mad or sad, you will appreciate the happiness a lot more.

7.      They will judge your boyfriends

Sometimes our selection is a little lack-luster and Dad has no problem pointing it out. Their opinion will definitely always be heard on this matter and it is for the best. Somebody has to weed out for the keepers. Don’t worry though, if you really do find the one, Dad will support you.

8.      They are so proud of you

You have no idea how proud your Dad is of you. Everything you accomplish is an accomplishment for him. He is so proud of what you have become! If you meet his co-workers they probably will know every single thing that you have accomplished ever, since Dads love to talk about their children.

9.      They’re role models

They might not always be perfect, but their perfect to you. They might not want you to follow directly in their footsteps but you should definitely take a similar path, we mean he raised you so he is doing something right. Seriously, Dads are actually cool. 

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