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8 Coffee Recommendations Near Bryant University

Coffee drinkers rejoice! At Her Campus, we understand that a good cup of Joe is what gets us through our long days of classes, studying, and work. Although we have the AIC café, Dunkin’, and Starbucks kiosks, going off campus for a coffee can be exactly what you need. The coffee on campus is not always strong or tasty enough for our long days, so we have compiled a list of coffee shops near Bryant University.

Let us know what you think about our coffee list and message us on Instagram for more suggestions! We will happily check it out with our taste buds.

1. Coffee Connection

Our favorites include their specialty roasted flavors, such as Snickerdoodle, and their bagels! This place is perfect for a Sunday morning pick-me-up.

2. Such-A-Bagel

This café offers homemade bagels and a variety of coffee flavors!

3. Marylou’s

If you like gourmet or sweetened iced coffees, then this is your place. If you do not like a sugary flavor, this may not be the place for you.

4. Café Zara – Coffee House

We have yet to try this place in East Providence, but we have heard that the coffee and vibes are too good!

5. Wildflour

This café offers a mix of drinks and tasty vegan options! This is perfect for someone looking for healthy options. P.S. The chickpea tuna sandwich is so yummy!

6. Starbucks

We had to include Starbucks on the list! In our opinion, off campus Starbucks locations serve better coffee than on campus ones. Our new go-to order: Grande Iced Shaken Espresso with one pump of brown sugar and oatmilk.

7. Plant City

This place has the best coffee and vegan food! The lavender latte and maple iced coffee are a must-try. Since it is located in a very cute area, it is also great for walking.

8. Brewed Awakenings

We have yet to try this place, but it is not a far drive from campus with locations in Cranston, Johnston, Providence, and Warwick. We have heard that it’s worth a try!

We hope that these coffee recommendations serve you well. Let us know your go-to coffee order in our Instagram comments!

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