7 Write-Ins for the Presidential Election

With the presidential election creeping up on us, it’s scary to think that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the leader of the United States of America. HOWEVER thank god for that write-in ballot am I right? We Americans have the option to write in whoever we feel is suited for the positions. If you’re not sure who to write-in, here are the top write-ins for the 2016 Presidential election.


Tom Brady

He isn’t called a GOAT for nothing. He led the Patriots to victory numerous times, what makes you think he couldn’t lead the US? #TB12

Olivia Pope

Have you seen Scandal?! She is the ultimate ruler of Washington DC already, she literally has the president wrapped around her finger, she already knows the ins and outs of the white house, so WHY NOT?

Shonda Rhimes

Speaking of Scandal, the person who created Olivia Pope… What about her?!?!?!?!? She already has half of this country hooked to her creations,(Grey’s, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder etc) So Shonda, if you’re not too busy, want to run our country too?

Bo Obama  

He’s already lived here for quite some time. We're sure he is aware of the rules… Plus he wouldn’t even have to move any of his stuff out.


What’s wrong with a little monarchy? Queen Bey you in?

Kanye West

Remember 2015 VMA’s? Kanye for President


Ellen, we need your energetic, light hearted self to help “Make American Great again”. With her constant dance parties and pranks, this country needs someone like her.