7 Trends to Look Out for This Fall

When entering fall, there is so much to look forward to, especially in New England. The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting brisker, it is officially football season, but best of all, there are new trends. Here are some of the biggest hits of this year!


1. Army Printed EVERYTHING

When we look back at last fall, the army green color was in style, especially on jackets. But army printed pants, jackets, and shirts are all must-haves this year.

Express: $60.99


2. Booties

Although these were must-haves from last fall, they are coming back even more so this year. You can pretty much where these with any outfit because they have multiple uses. Going to class, going out to dinner, going to a party: whatever it is, it is guaranteed that booties will be a great option.

American Eagle Outfitters: $59.95


3. fabfitfun Box

For those who do not know, the fabfitfun box is something that you register for and receive a box filled with $200 worth of goodies for each season of the year, with the box only costing $49.99. From a scarf to apple cider vinegar hair products, this box has unique gifts that will be sure to satisfy you for the fall.

One fabfitfun box: $49.99


4. Dark Matte Lipsticks

This trend is something that makes you pop out from the crowd. Lipsticks have been increasingly getting more popular, and what better way to make yourself pop than with some trendy makeup?

Ulta Beauty: $7.99


5. Pumpkin Spice Everything

Whether it is the typical white-girl pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks or pumpkin flavored chapstick, this is the only time of the year it is acceptable to have all of those items. Fall is only here for a few months, so buy everything in order to spice up your fall.


6. Oversized Hoodies and Sweaters

Having something you can wear with leggings for the day and be comfortable while still looking cute is truly a gift. Oversized hoodies and sweaters give us that “cute but comfy” look everyone is looking for on a colder day in the fall.

Garage: $15.00


7. Dark Nail Polish Colors

Just like every other season has its nail color, this season is burgundy. This color literally matches everything you could possibly wear in the fall—especially since we tend to wear more neutral colors.

Macy’s: $9.00