6 Tips for Healthier Hair

We love having luscious locks, but it is difficult to know what you need to take care of your mane. No need to worry, we have got you covered! Here are some facts you need to know to be #hairgoals!

Wash your hair less

Many of us do not believe this one, but it is scientifically proven that washing your hair less is more beneficial to its health! The more water you have in your hair the more the strands swell from the inside causing frizz and breakage. Try washing your hair 2-3 times a week, instead of everyday. In other words, become best friends with dry shampoo!

Use protection!

Although this may seem obvious, the more heat used on your hair, the more damage done. It is recommended that when using heat to layer up on protectants. Conditioner serves as another layer of protection due to the moisture being added to your hair. Therefore, if you’re planning on blow drying or using an iron, then condition and use a heat protectant!

Stock up

Many people like to be simple when it comes to shopping for hair products, however, don’t be afraid to spice it up! Adding things like a pre-conditioner and a hair mask can help give your hair what it is missing. Using hair quizzes or free consultations will allow you to determine what will benefit your specific hair type!

Image Credit: Simple Life by Kels

Read those labels, girl!

The worst thing that you could do for your hair is not know what you’re putting in it. Something to look out for is making sure that there are no pollutants in your products. Propane is a commonly used chemical in name brand dry shampoos and hairsprays. You want products that have natural products such as Capixyl, which is an all-natural blend to help strengthen your hair, and Procataline which has powerful antioxidants to improve overall health.

Braids, baby

Braids are a great way to help increase hair growth for a few different reasons. For starters, if hair loss is frictional, then braids will help prevent loss due to eliminating that changes of friction. They are also a good alternative to blow drying your hair after the shower because they are a heatless styling option. However, if the braids are too tight, they can cause breakage, so go easy on your hair.

Cut it

Finally, we love a good flow chop. Cutting your hair will allow the ends to look thicker. Additionally, cutting your hair removes the dry split ends. It is true that a good haircut can fix all your problems, not to mention with that salon blow out you, will be stunting for the next couple of days.Image Credit: Giphy

These six steps can help overall improve your hair. Even if you implement only one of these tips, you’ll start to notice a difference in your hair. Try these out and you will be looking like Rapunzel in no time!