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5 Ways to Plan a Last Minute Spring Break

Spring Break is coming up, and you deserve more than a staycation.  Whether you define vacation as Pina coladas on a tropical beach or as hot chocolate in a rustic ski lodge, it’s not too late to plan one!  Try these recommendations to get the spring break of your dreams at the price of your dreams.

1.      Travel Websites

If you’ve never used Expedia, Priceline, or Orbitz, now is the time to start.  They make planning a trip especially easy by allowing you to customize your own vacation package.  Need a flight, a rental car, and a hotel?  These websites are your one-stop shop for all three.  Filter trips by price, airline, hotel rating, and more.  Plan a trip to virtually anywhere with these websites.

2.      Priceline’s Name Your Price Feature

Priceline is famous for this one.  Become your own negotiator by bidding on trips, rental cars, hotels, and flights.  By naming your own price, you are much more likely to get a deeper discount.  Simply find a trip you love and bid on it!  If the bid is accepted, the trip is yours.  If not, Priceline will give you a negotiated price which you can accept or reject.

3.      Groupon

Believe it or not, this couponing site is great for getting discounted travel, especially if you’re not ready to splurge on a flight this year.  Groupon has deals on everything from log cabins in Maine to resorts in Atlantic City to bed & breakfasts on Cape Cod.  With discounts over 50% off and hotels under $60 per night, Groupon may be the most affordable way to avoid a staycation. 

4.      Student Universe

Student Universe offers spring break trips that are customized to college students.  All trips are college student-friendly and have options like group travel discounts, free quotes, and refundable deposits.  Student Universe also has alternative spring break options for volunteer work in places like South America.

5.      Airbnb

For a unique getaway, try using Airbnb.  Live like a local for a weekend in Boston, New York City, Montreal, Philadelphia, or just about anywhere else!  Airbnb makes rooms very affordable and will give you a great spring break story!

Safe travels, collegiettes!

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