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5 Things You Learn from Living in a Small Town

When we grow up in a small town, there are lessons that we will learn about being an active member in a community, loving where we live, and never doubting that everyone in town knows, well, everything. Not only are these lessons something that we all learn in the community, they are something that we continuously live by.


1. You Know Everybody and Everyone Knows You

In a town with very few people residing in it, it is extremely probable that running into a next door neighbor or an old coach at a local store will happen almost every time we leave our homes. Sometimes we will be ecstatic to see someone. Other times, well, we run the other way.


2. Saying “Hi” to Everyone

Whether they are new neighbors, a best friend or a friend of a friend, the polite thing to do was to say “hi”. Driving by, walking by: whatever it was, we wave and act like we have known them for years because that is how we were raised.


3. Coaches Impact Your Life

Coaches are people we believe are out to get us because of the ridiculous amount of miles we would run after a loss against a beatable team. However, they are only working us hard because they are teaching us lessons that we will hold special in our hearts.


4. Your Parents Find Out EVERYTHING

As teenagers, we may think that we are being slick by telling our parents we are going to a friend’s house when we are actually going to a huge rager two towns over. Do not be mistaken: our parents know where we were that night, but choose to torture us until it comes out.


5. Ultimately, We Always Find Our Way Back Home

It does not matter how many times we say we are bored of our town or how we never want to go back after we leave. In the end, we will always find our way back to our small towns because that is where we found ourselves in the first place. After all, home is where the heart is.

Junior at Bryant University from a small town in Connecticut
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