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5 Social Media Turnoffs for Guys

Ladies, we’ve all been in there before – you know the customary Facebook vent sesh following a fight with the boyfriend.  And on the other hand, sometimes guys are so darn cute- so cute that we want to tell all our Facebook friends and followers about all the cute little things they do for us. At HC Bryant, we’ve been guilty of both of these things without realizing how much of a turn off it is to guys. We spoke to a couple of real life college guys at Bryant and they let us know what they REALLY think about all our social media shenanigans. We’ve listed below five of the worst social media habits that are huge turn offs for guys.

1. The Vent Fest

If you log onto your Facebook or twitter right this moment there is at least one girl with a subliminal message aimed at her boyfriend as her status. Posting a mean status update about your boyfriend after a fight is not only immature it makes matters much, much worse. “I prefer men to boy anyways – I guess you still have some growing up to do” – Really? According the real life college guys we spoke to this is just a cry for attention which does nothing but annoys the guy even more. Ladies, you know all your friends are going to be commenting on a status update like that and will potentially turn a private matter into a “let’s bash your boyfriend online” party. This also allows a fight to linger on longer than it needs to. Once you and your boyfriend makeup this status will be up there for all of your friends to see and it’s just embarrassing for the guy.

2. The Facebook Official “Relationship” Status Update – Too Soon? 

Don’t be that girl declaring on Facebook that she’s in a relationship – when in reality you’re not in a relationship. According to our real life college guy it’s a huge turnoff when girls define the status of a relationship before letting the guy know about it. Guys will quickly associate girls with the “Stage 5 Clinger” tag if the Facebook world is first to know about the relationship before they do.

3. “OMG wait I Need to Instagram This”

Regardless of how scrumptious the dessert looks, avoid ‘instagramming’ it on the first date. Unless the guy you’re with is an Instagram addict like you, he’s probably not going to be comfortable with excessive instagramming on the first date. Taking pictures of all the food you’re eating and sharing it with the world might make your date feel like he’s not the priority.

4. Marking Your “Social” Territory

We’re used to tweeting and writing all over our friends’ walls – but this might not be so cute when dating a new guy. One of our real life college guys told us that guys know it when their new girlfriends want their boyfriend’s (girl) friends to know that she’s ‘The Girlfriend.’ This can come off as insecurity – which is a huge turn off for guys. I know we love tweeting about “the babe” but if a phone call or a cute text will do, there’s no need to share it with hundreds of his friends and followers.

5. Virtual Flirting With The Ex

There’s nothing wrong with being friends with your ex. But when out of the blue, you and your ex start complimenting each other’s prof pics and are all up on each other on social media – your current boyfriend will not be happy about that. There is nothing wrong with your ex being on your friends list but be careful of the actions that may come off as flirty.

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