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5 Pairs of Christmas Pajamas You NEED to Relax In

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Nothing is better than being cozy during Christmas time.  Hot chocolate, fires, and holiday music are complemented best by a warm, fuzzy pair of Christmas pajamas.  From footed to flannel and everything in between, these Christmas pajamas are a must this holiday season. Which pair will you don this Christmas Eve?

Footed Pajamas

These footed pajamas from Amazon ($36.00) will be perfect if it’s a White Christmas.

Flannel Pajamas

Classic plaid pajamas, like this pair from Macy’s ($41.65), are great for Christmas movie marathons.


Nothing is cozier than a warm, fuzzy robe during Christmas time.  Extra points if you wear one that looks like a Santa coat like this one from AliExpress.com ($52.90).

Matching Pajamas

If you’re participating in Cuffing Season, these might be an option for you!  Get this set for $59.99 at Pajamagram.com.

Sexy Pajamas

Surprise your SO with an early Christmas gift – a sexy slip like this one from Victoria’s Secret ($45).

Merry Christmas!