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5 Feelings Every Scandal Fan Has Experienced

If you’re one of the people that has to clear your calendar every Thursday night from 9:00-10:00 and fully embraces the #TGIT mentality, then you have definitely felt these emotions at one point or another. 

1. Swooning over Olivia’s current love interest:  Whether you’re team Jake or team Fitz, every Scandal fan has had that “awwwwhhh” moment as Olivia canoodles with the man that she loves (for that day of course). 

2. Nail biting panic (and sweating):  Scandal always has the potential to keep you on the edge of your seat for the full hour, especially as all the white hats were frantically trying to keep bombs from literally blowing Fitz’s campaign in season two.  There might not have been much worse than when you were left worrying if Fitz was going to start the next world war to get Olivia back.  At one point or another, the panic may even have made you spill some of your popcorn or red wine. 

3.  Jaw dropping shock:  If you aren’t looking around at all of your friends in jaw dropping shock at the end of every episode, then you should probably just stop watching Scandal now.  Was there any worse feeling than having to wait an entire week to see who kidnapped Olivia? 

4.  Hatred for Olivia’s Dad:  He probably rivals all of the classic movie villains for the most hated character in TV history.  If there’s anything worse than keeping the mother of your child locked up in chains for most of your daughter’s life, or ordering someone to shoot down a plane full of innocent people, Rowan Pope has probably done it and you’ll see it in the next episode. 

5.  Jealousy:  The White House could be burning down but Olivia Pope would still be cool, calm and collected (but most importantly looking flawless), so it’s only natural to feel extreme jealousy of her life.  The only way you’re not jealous of her is if you already have the ability to waltz into the White House and to the Oval Office (in a power suit of course) because you have the president wrapped around your perfectly manicured finger.  For everyone else, living through Olivia Pope and her love affairs, world saving job and flawless wardrobe will have to do for now.  

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