5 Complaints About Salmo That Need to Stop

Let’s admit it; hating Salmo is the cool thing to do. Everyone finds any reason to hate on Salmo, regardless of whether or not the excuse is even valid. Here’s five things about Salmo we need to stop complaining about.

1)      “The lines are so long and the cooks are too slow”

Ever heard of the Golden Rule? This kindergarten principle is still very true today; treat others the way you would like to be treated. It is not the workers behind the lines’ fault that you had to wait twenty minutes for your wrap; don’t treat them like it is. There’s no reason to be snotty to the people who are making your food; they’re frustrated about the long lines too, and they’re working as fast as they can. Let’s keep in mind that food does in fact take some time to cook, and they’re feeding hundreds of people per hour.

2)      “There’s nowhere to sit”

Yes, seating at PRIME hours is an issue. We get it, classes get out at the same time, so if possible try to go during off-peak times. Coming to Salmo at 6 o’clock and expecting to have a huge table for you and your one other friend is just plain stupid. Bryant expanded way too quickly to keep up with themselves, and Salmo simply can’t add any more tables. This issue will also help with the long lines- going to dinner right at 5, if not before, almost guarantees you the hottest food and the best choice of seats, with little to no wait.

3)      “There are no healthy options”

Eating only fries and pizza because they’re there is your own fault. The salad bar is stocked fresh 24/7 with two different kinds of lettuce, a variety of vegetables, cold salads, and dressings. Not about salad? Visit the new stir fry station! You can collect ingredients from all over Salmo and combine them into your own stir fry. Our favorite? Brown rice, chicken from the salad bar, veggies and beans from the salad bar, and the sweet and sour stir fry sauce at the stir fry station. This gives you a chance to customize exactly what you want to eat while controlling your sauce, oil and salt levels. You have the choice of what goes on your plate; no one is forcing you to eat pizza every day. Also, check out our article on healthy eating at Salmo

4)      “Salmo is inconvenient and there’s nowhere else to eat”

Nick’s Place offers online ordering, The Scoop has a variety of sandwiches and salads in their fridges, and the Roto Café has some of the best sushi ever, and all of those places take Dining Dollars which were included in your meal plan. Let’s also not forget that Stop and Shop and Target are a mere 10 minutes away, and if you shop with coupons and during sales, it won’t kill your college student wallet.

5)      “The food just sucks”

This is the best of the complaints. You can’t really honestly say that every single time you went to Salmo you couldn’t find one thing you liked. Salmo offers at least 10 different options for every meal. If you really can’t find anything there you like, your dorm and the cafes are less than 5 minutes away.