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The 5 Best Movies to See This February

With Valentine’s Day coming up, planning a date with your significant other or gathering up all your girls for a night out just became easier, because there are some great movies coming out this month.  February is the month of LOVE, so of course there will be some gushy romance movies, and some good features for the comedy and action lovers too!

Friday, February 5th

The Choice: Can’t go wrong with a sappy romance by Nicholas Sparks.

Hail, Caesar: This comedy is a must-see featuring our favorite actors like George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, and Channing Tatum.

Friday, February 12th

Deadpool: For our superhero enthusiasts we added this action movie to our list… It also stars hottie Ryan Reynolds.

How to be Single: Everyone is talking about this rom com with our favorite comedian Rebel Wilson.

Zoolander 2: 15 years later, the sequel to the hilarious Zoolander is finally coming out this month, and of course Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are starring.

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