23 Reasons Why We Will Always Love Our Childhood Best Friend

Everyone goes through different phases in their lives. You go to new places, meet new people, make new friends. Some people you thought you would be friends with forever fade out of your life. Irreplaceable bonds are formed with people you never thought you would get along with. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet people who will become lifelong friends. And if you’re really lucky- we’re talking Mega Millions Jackpot winner lucky- your best friend from childhood is still by your side.

They say that if you’ve been friends with someone for seven years, chances are you’ll be friends with them for the rest of your life. We agree with this, and want to add in that if you’ve been friends with someone long enough to have seen their ugliest haircuts, most awkward relationships, and teeth pre-braces, you’ll definitely be friends with them for the rest of your life. So if you’re feeling nostalgic, here are 23 reasons why we will always love our childhood best friends.

1.      They’re your literal day one. Your five year old self liked them for a reason- maybe they had the coolest box of crayons, or light up sneakers, or maybe your moms were friends and forced you to hang out. Regardless, they’ve been with you from the beginning and we can’t stress how important that is.

2.      They’ve seen you at every stage in your life and accept you anyway. They know that you were the last kid to learn how to tie your shoes in first grade, and that you had hideous bangs in third grade, and that in seventh grade you started to cry in front of the whole class when your teacher yelled at you. They’ve watched you grow from an annoying little kid to a strong young woman. After all that, there’s nothing they won’t accept from you.   

3.      You’ve learned how to defend each other. Kids can be cruel, and chances are you learned a long time ago how to stick up for one another. Your childhood best friend will never let anyone talk bad about you, or hurt your feelings. And if someone tries, they’re definitely going to have something to say about it.

4.      You know you’ll always have someone in your corner. Maybe you’re fighting with your family, or your more recently made friends just don’t understand you. At least you know that despite what everyone else is staying or doing, this friend knows you better than anyone, and will have your back no matter what. 

5.      You’re experts at surviving distance. If you’ve been friends with someone for 10, 15 years, chances are you’ve been separated once or twice. You and your high school friends might have panicked over leaving each other after graduation. But not you and your childhood best friend. You two know that life brings a lot of twists and turns. Sometimes you’ll be by each other’s sides, and other times you’ll be together only in your hearts. But none of that matters, because your friendship will endure. 

6.      They’re practically part of your family. Your mom invites them over for Thanksgiving dinner, and your dad is just as protective of them as he is over you. Your siblings have played with (and fought with) them as much as they have with you, and your extended family know them on a first name basis.

7.      And you’re practically part of theirs. Their parents give you motherly advice, and discipline you accordingly. You feel comfortable raiding their fridge and sleeping in their bed. You go to all of their family parties, and chances are you’ve been mistaken by an extended family member as a distant cousin.

8.      Your parents have become friends as well. Maybe they were already friends, or they met through the two of you. Regardless, you might find you friend’s mom sitting in your kitchen talking to your parents, just to catch up. Whenever you and your friend got into trouble, you could expect your parents to team up and yell at you two. At least you would be grounded together.

9.      They helped you become the person you are today. Knowing you for all that time has made them incredibly honest with you. They aren’t afraid to tell you when you messed up, and they’ll stand by you to help you fix your mistakes. If you’ve been friends with someone for this long, it’s because they make you a better person. You learn from each other, and push each other to grow.

10.   They are always down to see you, no matter how much time has passed. It doesn’t matter if they’re a million miles away, once you’re both home from school, or if one of you happens to be in the area, you’ll find a way to see each other. You can go months apart and yet it will be as if nothing has changed.

11.   You don’t have to talk every day. You’re both busy, you have very different lives from one another, and sometimes you don’t have time to sit around texting every day. Fortunately this limited communication won’t even phase you. You’re secure enough in your friendship that you know they’ll still be there, no matter how much time goes by.  

12.   You know all of each other’s secrets. They don’t judge you, so you feel like you can tell them anything. You could probably ruin each other’s lives with the secrets you know, and yet you trust them completely.  

13.   When something important happens, they’re the first person you want to tell. They know everything, have supported you through everything, and your triumphs and defeats affect them almost as much as they affect you. They want to hear all about your new boyfriend, your promotion at work, and updates on drama with the girl down the hall.

14.   They understand you without needing to use words. You can just give them a look and you’ll both start laughing, or roll your eyes, or nod in agreement. When you have the same thought process, words aren’t important.  

15.   You have unlimited inside jokes, “remember when’s”, and funny stories together. Your other friends probably get annoyed listening to anecdotes about when you were both eight, but who cares. You’ve made countless important memories together that you love to rehash.

16.   They know all of the ugly details of your love life. They were there for the relationship in sixth grade that lasted two weeks, and they held your hand when your high school boyfriend broke your heart. They know about your unfortunate track record with college f*%$ boys, and they somehow love you anyway.

17.   They’re the best people to judge your romantic interests. They know you better than anyone, and firmly believe that you deserve nothing but the best. Anyone who wants to date them is going to have to be approved by you first. If you don’t get along with a new boyfriend or girlfriend, there are going to be serious repercussions.  

18.   You can’t wait to involve them in important life milestones. You’re beyond excited to invite them to your college graduation, and call them to talk about your first real job. They’re going to me a bridesmaid in your wedding, and your children are going to refer to them as “Auntie.”

19.   As you grow, everything will come full circle. They were at your seventh birthday party, and they’re going to be at your daughter’s seventh birthday party. You’re going to sit beside each other at your kids’ elementary school graduations, and it will be like nothing has ever changed.

20.   You’re going to force your children to be best friends as well. Honestly, you’ll probably coordinate pregnancies so you can have kids the same age. You’re going to plan tons of playdates, which will actually be an excuse to sit around drinking wine while the kids play with their Barbie dolls.

21.   They’re an irreplaceable part of your life. You love your other friends. The people you’ve met in high school or college aren’t less loved, or less important than your childhood best friend. It’s just different. You’ll make other friends, who you value just as much, but this friendship will always be unique.

22.   They were your first friend, and they’re going to be your last. From diapers to diapers. They were the first choice you ever made regarding who deserves to be in your life. And they’re going to be the last one standing, or rather, the last one sitting beside you in a rocking chair when you’re 99.

23.   They are a sister you chose. They are your family, your blood sister, your second skin. They’re a vital part of who you are, and yet they weren’t born that way. At some point in your childhood, you made the conscious choice to involve them in your life. And somehow, that choice has stuck with you to this very day. And we think that’s pretty cool.