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2014 Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2014 is a week away!! This one of a collegiate’s favorite holidays because they can dress up and get creative with their friends.  Halloween is always filled with good times and fun memories! There are thousands of costume ideas every year. It can be hard to decide on what to do, but we are here to help! Some of our favorite costume ideas are listed below!




Police Officer




Other great costume ideas include:








-hula girl

-hooters girl


-sandy from Grease





-lady gaga




-school girl

-mrs. Claus


-gumball machine





There are so many ideas it can be hard to choose. Many of the animal ones are easy enough to wear a black dress and ears. Get creative and DIY with clothes you already own. Search the web and social media for other examples of how these costumes could be worn. Think outside the box and make your costume one people won’t forget!

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