20 Times Nick Miller from "New Girl" Perfectly Understood You

Everyone knows that point in the semester where you are so stressed and overwhelmed with schoolwork and all your other responsibilities that you just want to give up on everything. As college students we definitely know what it means to be overwhelmed. The time right around half way through the semester is always one of the worst times of year for this. There are so many projects, group meetings to do these projects, midterms, time spent studying for midterms, papers, and also trying to maintain your social life, be healthy, sleep, keep your room clean, and make time to eat meals. Nick from New Girl is always so relatable but we found him especially relatable when we were thinking about our mid-semester struggles.


1. When you realize you haven’t done laundry in an extremely long time and someone questions you on it.

2. When someone asks, “how’s college going?”

3. When you decide going to the gym is taking up too much time and you should probably stop going because you have way more ~important~ things to do with your very minimal amount of free time.

4. When all of your friends are finding boyfriends and you’re just over here like…

5. Finally taking a second to think about your mental state after you’ve finally completed five midterms, three papers, and two projects over the course of a two-week period.

6. When your mom or dad calls to check in on how you are doing health wise.

7. When you have three midterms and a paper due this week but decide to go out for midweek Rentes and Effins anyways.

8. When you realize you spent all the money you made this summer and are screwed for the rest of the semester.

9. When all you want to do is crawl into bed and watch Netflix at all hours of the day but you have 1000 other responsibilities.

10. When someone asks how you are and you’re about two seconds away from a mental breakdown due to stress.

11. When you are forced to pull multiple all nighters a week and down 2-3 cups of coffee a day just to make it through.

12. When your professor tells you there’s not going to be any opportunities for extra credit this semester and you look at Blackboard to see your not so great grade that now has little hope of recovering.

13. You’re already so stressed and Salmo sounds like another horrible thing to already add to your horrible mood so you end up ordering in way too much Chinese.

14. When you study for so many hours you realize you haven’t seen the sun all day because you’ve been holed up inside Fisher for so long.

15. When you need an excuse to get out of doing something you don’t want to do.

16. That feeling at the end of a long week when all you need is a drink.

Macintosh HD:Users:flgoodman:Desktop:tumblr_nm4nlxUTec1skocj6o1_500.gif17. After spending five hours reading all the chapters you didn’t read throughout the first half of the semester in order to prepare for your midterm that’s coming up in two days.

18. When you realize even though you love all your friends sometimes being with them 24/7 can be a little much and you just really need some time alone.

19. Thinking about how the semester has gone so far and all the mistakes you’ve made.

Macintosh HD:Users:flgoodman:Desktop:tumblr_mvbwu0pqOZ1sbxbe3o1_500.gif20. When you realize you have nine weeks until winter break.