20 Signs You’re Addicted to Online Shopping

If there are online shoppers anonymous meetings, then sign us up. Online shopping is so much easier than actually making the effort to leave campus and drive to the mall and go shopping. When you’re at the mall you have to spend time walking from store to store and trying everything on. With online shopping you can be perusing multiple tabs at once and find so many options to buy within minutes because of the search options on websites that a store can’t provide. For some of us though, online shopping goes beyond something we do occasionally and pretty much becomes an addiction. These are some of the signs you might be addicted to online shopping:

1. You check websites every day to see if they have new arrivals.

2. You actually know what day each website gets their new clothes in.

3. You have multiple packages coming a week.

4. Sometimes when you get a package you forgot you even ordered something.

5. You constantly check the tracking for your package because you can’t wait.

6. The post office workers actually know who you are by name.

7. The post office workers have told you that you have a shopping problem.

8. You’re permanently broke.

9. You always have multiple tabs open of your favorite stores' websites.

10. You always have a full cart on each of those tabs waiting to be purchased.

11. You have a folder in your bookmarks of clothes you are going to buy when you can actually afford them.

12. Your email inbox has more promotional emails from stores than legitimate emails.

13. You know the ins and outs of how to get a good discount.

14. You are guilty of making second (and third and fourth) email accounts just to get the first-time ordering offers for discounts.

15. You also have made a fake Facebook just to get the discount on a website where they require you to link it to Facebook.

16. You online shop during class.

17. You have your credit card number memorized so you can online shop at any time.

18. You know which stores have free returns and free shipping.

19. You are a rewards member of more places than you can remember.

20. You have downloaded the app to some of your favorite stores to make it more convenient for online shopping on the go.