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15 Reasons Why We Love Our Moms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

As you all know, Mother’s Day is right around the corner. As this important day approaches, take some time to reflect on all of the things your mom has done for you. We’ve come up with a list of some of the many reasons why we love our moms. 

1.       She birthed you. This one might be a given, but seriously that woman carried you for 9 months, during which time she had to gain weight and wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol. She then spent hours of horribly painful labor bringing you into the world. She must like you a lot- be grateful.

2.       She is your first and greatest role model. Admit it: you want to be like your mom. When you were a little girl, you would put on her clothes and shoes to play dress up so you’d look like her. As you grow up, you know that being told you’re just like your mother is the highest compliment you can be given.

3.       Your fondest childhood memories revolve around her. Whether it’s doing arts and crafts on a rainy day, measuring out sugar and flour for your mom as she makes chocolate chip cookies, or curling up in bed while she tells you a story, your happiest memories as a kid wouldn’t be complete without your mom there.

4.       When you’re sick, your mom never fails to make you feel better. She makes you chicken soup, bakes your favorite dessert, and lets you sleep in her bed until you’re feeling better. Even though we’re (kind of) adults now, we aren’t ashamed to admit than when we’re sick, the only person we want is our mom.

5.       She loves you and your siblings equally. Jealous because big brother won a state championship, or little sister just got straight A’s? Don’t worry about it. Moms have a way of making you all feel special and highlighting your individual strengths.

6.       If you need advice, your mom is the first person you turn to. She knows how to pay taxes, sew a button back onto your favorite blouse, and correct whatever you did wrong while trying to cook her signature meal. But more importantly, she knows you better than anyone. Who better to call for help?

7.       She was your first stylist, hair dresses, and dating consultant. Thanks for picking out those cute flowered dresses when we were babies, putting our hair in ponytails in the morning before grammar school, and comforting us when our sixth grade boyfriends broke up with us.

8.       She didn’t complain when you wanted to watch your favorite Disney movie for the 10th time that week. You wanted to watch Mulan every single day for an entire summer? That’s fine, mom watched it with you. Even though by that point she had probably memorized the entire script.

9.       She sacrificed so much for you. Moms make big sacrifices, like taking time off of work when we’re born, and giving up a majority of their free time for us. They also make little sacrifices every day, like cooking dinner when they just wanted to go to bed, letting you choose which movie to watch, and giving you the last piece of pie. Most of the time these things go unnoticed, but she never asks for praise.  

10.   Nothing compares to mom’s homemade cooking. Going to college means a lot of things are changing. The worst part is going from your mother’s cooking to the food in a college dining hall. One of your favorite things about going home is getting to eat your favorite home cooked meal.  

11.   She is a taxi driver, chef, waitress, nurse, and teacher all in one. She drove you and your friends to the movies on Friday nights before you had a car. She cooks you dinner, and often cleans up afterwards too. She bandaged your knee when you fell down the stairs, and helped you with homework each night. Basically, your mom can do anything.  

12.   She defends you. Was someone being mean to you during recess? You know your mom would call up that kid’s parents and show them who’s boss. Nothing changes as you grow up- she’d still do anything for you.

13.   She had become a second mom to all of your friends. You aren’t best friends if they don’t walk into your house unannounced and say “hey Mom, what’s for dinner?” Your mom welcomes them with open arms, and always stays up to date with what’s going on in their lives.

14.   She thought you were beautiful, even in your awkward middle school days. Glasses, braces, frizzy hair, and a hideous graphic t-shirt? Your mom still looked at you like you were the most beautiful kid in the world.

15.   She loves you unconditionally. Even when you make mistakes, or choose the wrong path, she loves you. Most importantly, she loves you when you don’t love yourself. There’s nothing in the world like a mother’s love.  

Here’s to all of the moms, adoptive moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, aunts, and godmothers out there. Make sure you remind them how much you love them this Mother’s Day!