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15 Favorite Things about Fall

Photo by Kevin Sikorski 

Fall is the time for new beginnings – a new school year commences and new opportunities arise. Even the trees shed their leaves and begin again. Here are some of our favorite aspects of fall composed of the food, clothes, weather, and events.


1. Flannels, Sweaters, Ripped Jeans, Boots, Tall Socks, Vests

Who doesn’t love fall fashion?


2. Halloween

Halloween is our favorite holiday. The endless candy, costumes, makeup, and movie marathons (Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown) make us the happiest girls alive. Another plus is that colleges go crazy for Halloweekend; finally, a place that celebrates the spooky feeling for multiple days in a row.


3. Apple Picking/Cider

Apples always taste best during this time of year. Nothing beats roaming through an apple orchard with family/ friends and sipping hot apple cider on a crisp afternoon.


4. Pumpkin carving

Seeing all the pumpkins with different expressions is super interesting, and creating one yourself is a fun activity. Get crafty.


5. Thanksgiving

Let’s be honest, who isn’t waiting to feast and catch up with the people who mean the most to us?


6. Perfect 5k Weather

Any runner knows that summertime races are brutal because of the heat. We celebrate the first day of October because the next 6-8 weeks are as good as it gets for 5ks, temperature wise.


7. Leaves Changing

New England is known for this. Any outdoor activity just became prettier with the crinkly colored leaves swirling around in the breeze.


8. Two words: Pumpkin Spice

Coffee is a big deal for countless people. They wait all year for their favorite fall flavors to return at Dunkin. Pumpkin spice lovers everywhere, rejoice.


9. Haunted Houses

The first time you experience a haunted house you’re scared to death, but now you enjoy the anticipation. Definitely go with a big group of people, pick a partner to hold on to the entire time, and try not to lose your voice.


10. Temperature

Fall rocks because it isn’t freezing just yet but not hot and humid like August. We can be comfy without bundling and cool enough to not sweat on the way to class.


11. Bonfires

If anyone finds a better way to spend a Saturday night, let us know.


12. Corn mazes

It’s worth being cut off from civilization and lost for a few hours.


12. Bath and Body Works scents

Similar to Dunkin, consumers wait for fall scents at Bath and Body Works to pop up again. Some of us simply miss our apple harvest candles, it’s okay to admit it.


14. Fall Festivals/Fairs

Homemade food, live bands, rides, and hometowns. Need we say more?


15. Homecoming

Homecoming makes us think a lot about high school, football, and the actual Homecoming Dance. In college it’s even more exciting and guaranteed to be an unforgettable weekend.

I like summer, country music, and mint chocolate chip ice cream, preferably at the same time.
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