14 Underrated Netflix Shows You NEED to See

Hey there collegiettes – if you’re looking for your next Netflix show to binge watch this week, keep reading and use this as your Netflix checklist!

1. Grace and Frankie

A relatively new Netflix exclusive comedy featuring Jane Fonda (enough said). So far there are only two seasons, making it a quick show to watch with limited time commitment.


2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Another Netflix exclusive show featuring Ellie Kemper (aka Erin from The Office). With only two seasons available, this is another short show to watch that won’t take away from homework and your social life. *Highly recommended!

3. Black Mirror

For a twist, try this science fiction TV show made in the UK.

4. Narcos

And another one for the Netflix originals. This show is a crime thriller with two seasons on the story of Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug kingpin.

5. Quantico

If you’re looking for a drama thriller, this show is for you.  This ABC series will keep you on the edge of your chair throughout all two seasons.

6. Dexter

With eight seasons, this show is great if you’re looking for a whole new series to binge watch. This one is categorized as a crime drama and psychological thriller with a touch of mystery. 

7. White Collar

This is another long standing TV series with six seasons. It is categorized as police procedural and drama, but we’d categorize it as highly addicting!

8. Lost

This one’s a bit of a throwback, but a must watch on this list! This show has it all -- from adventure, drama and mystery, with science fiction and some supernatural concepts.

9. Lie to Me

A shorter TV show with only three seasons that features crime drama. Quick overview: the show is about Dr. Cal Lightman and his team who help with police investigations through their abilities to tell when people are lying.

10. Parenthood

For those of you have love family oriented shows, this one’s for you.

11. Sense8

This is a newer science fiction/drama TV series that has been coming up on our “Recommended List” recently.

12. Last Chance U

This new Netflix hidden gem is a sports documentary centering on the East Mississippi Community College team. It was recently renewed for a second season – be sure to check it out!

13. Mr. Robot

A recent drama and thriller TV series made by USA Network features Elliot Alderson as a cybersecurity engineer and hacker. We’ve heard only good things about this show!

14. Shameless

This HBO original TV series shows the life of a dysfunctional family living in Chicago. A great comedy/drama with seven seasons!