10 Things You See at Bryant During the Winter


Winter always seems to last way longer than we would like, and with the groundhog seeing his shadow this year that means six more weeks of winter (which is definitely not ideal). If you are from New England, then you know how to handle a winter here and if not, you have probably learned pretty quickly. There are some things very specific to the New England area that you will be sure to see each winter season. We at Her Campus thought of 10 things that you will be sure to see anywhere cold in the winter, and a few things specific to Bryant:


1. Bean Boots – A lot of bean boots. Girls wearing bean boots. Guys wearing bean boots. No matter where you look during the winter months (and in fall and spring), you are going to see at least 10 people wearing these boots. They are what you need for those days when it is raining, snowing or somewhere in between.


2. Boys wearing shorts – The cold weather does not stop boys from wearing shorts in the winter. It is not uncommon to see them rocking shorts as soon as the temperature goes even slightly above freezing.


3. Timberland boots with sweatpants – 80% of guys wear strictly sweatpants and Timbs in the winter and we do not hate it.


4. Your whole snapchat feed being clogged up with photos of it snowing – For some reason every time it snows we all love to post photos of it on our story as if none of us have ever seen snow before.


5. Iced coffee – Nothing can stop New Englanders from drinking iced coffee--not even a 20-degree day or a blizzard.


6. Oranges and other fruits all over the frozen pond – This one we cannot explain. We really do not understand why this happens, but for some reason people love to throw fruit onto the pond when it freezes.


7. Patriots beanies – It seems that everywhere you look you can see someone wearing a Pats beanie. These are the hats that tend to be seen in a variety of grey, red, and blue and always have a huge pom-pom on top.


8. Instagram pictures of people’s dogs in the snow – We are all guilty of this one. Our dogs just look so cute covered in snow, and we cannot help but capture it and post it for everyone to also see just how cute our dogs are.


9. Girls wearing puffy jackets that go down to their knees and have a big furry hood – This kind of jacket is 100% necessary for a New England winter and all of us probably own one. If not, look into it because that walk to class will be a lot easier and a lot warmer.


10. Tweets asking @BryantUprez for a snow day – Every time a storm comes, you will see a flurry of tweets begging President Machtley for a snow day.