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10 Things I Learned from My Freshman Year of College

1. College is not like high school.

College is truly an experience that does not even begin to compare to the four years of high school. There are hard-working students, less drama, and more things to do. Regardless of where you go, college should feel like home. Here at Her Campus, we are lucky to call Bryant University our home.


2. Making friends is natural.

Before leaving for college, many of us worried about making friends. We wanted to feel the college experience with an established friend group. This is the easy part. Friends are made in your dorm, in your classes, in club involvements, and even in tutoring centers. It is important to stay in touch with friends and continue to make memories!

3. Your work matters. Do it.

In high school, we were all guilty of procrastination, copying our friend’s homework, and failing to study. We got by then, but that is not the case in college. Here, you must do your work, and do it well. It will all be worth it when you find success in the future.

4. Studying is your friend.

Studying? What’s that? It is an essential to the college work ethic. When finals roll around, studying is real. Students are in every nook and cranny of campus in their zone. Study buddies are great to keep you motivated and on task. Study what is necessary and never lose track of your goals for success.

5. Healthy eating is hard.

As an incoming freshman, it is impossible to not think about the famous “Freshman 15.” It is truly difficult to maintain healthy habits with the temptation of coffee, snacks, ice cream, and fast food at every corner. It is crucial to watch what you are eating with an occasional splurge but be sure to stay equally active and aware!

6. Utilize available resources.

Does your campus have a tutoring center? Career center? Advising? These resources and more are available to students but often get overlooked on campus. Take the time to learn your school. We love the help from our Academic Center for Excellence to solidify a paper or prepare for a test!

7. Take care of one another.

If you see a classmate, acquaintance, or friend struggling, help them out. College is a community; we are all here with the same goals and we should help each other achieve those. Give that sick friend a tissue or buy a coffee for the stressed person in front of you. Be kind to one another.

8. Campus involvement is key.

Regardless of your involvement in high school, college brings a different sense of clubs and organizations. They are inclined to suit any personality and interest. Join the academic association for your major, student government, Greek life, event planning, or just something that brings you joy. This is a great way to meet new people!

9. Explore off-campus areas.

Despite not having a car during our freshmen year, it is still important to get off-campus every now and then to see what is beyond the classroom. Take public transportation or call an Uber to check out the nearest city or shopping plaza. Discovering what is around you makes the college experiences that much better.

10. Cherish the memories!

While times require us to focus on school and activities, we need to remember every moment because it will be over in a blink of an eye. We seriously cannot believe how fast this year went by. Look back on the good times and the bad during this summer and get excited for more memories in the future!

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