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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

1.     When you get scheduled to work when you told your manager you weren’t available.

2.     Cleaning a table before you open, then coming back to find a mountain of clothes soon after.

3.     Hating when you have a sale because you know it is going to be crazy busy.

4.     When you’re trying to do what your manager assigned to you, but every customer in the store seems to be asking for your help.

5.     Working awkward shifts so you can’t do anything with your day. 11-4 shifts should not exist.

6.     Feeling lucky if you get a whole fifteen minute break.

7.     Not knowing where something is located anymore because the store always moves products and set up.

8.     When people are rude to you for no apparent reason. Especially when they are at the register.

9.     When you walk away from the dressing room for a minute to find a different size for a customer, and come back to find a pile of clothes as tall as yourself, waiting to be folded.

10.  When you make a mistake and your manager only schedules you for one shift over two weeks.