10 Stages of Going Through a Cleanse

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We have all thought about, or have tried doing a cleanse. Doing a cleanse can be an absolute struggle, but sometimes the results are worth it. Here is a list of the 10 stages of a cleanse!

Stage 1: You’re Excited.

This is your first time starting this cleanse, and possibly your first time ever doing a cleanse. All you keep thinking about is the hot bod you are going to have by the end. When you tell your friends how you are doing a cleanse, they are all impressed. As of right now you think this is going to be easy and are psyched to get started!

Stage 2: You are a Little Hungry…

You are starting to notice your stomach grumble a little more than usual. You know that typically you eat more than a normal serving size, so you figure that your body is just getting used to eating a real serving size. You are still feeling very confident.

Stage 3: You are REALLY Hungry!!!

At this point you have come to the conclusion that no human being can survive off of a diet this restricting. You are craving food, not anything specific either. You will literally eat anything, no matter how disgusting it may be.

Stage 4: You are Moody.

Friends are constantly asking you if you are PMSing, in which you sheepishly reply that you are actual just doing a cleanse. Your friends don’t understand the struggle you are going through. You consider giving up the cleanse and going back to your old diet. Your end-of-the-cleanse goal seems so far away, almost unattainable.

Stage 5: You can’t get off the Toilet!

As if the moodiness wasn’t enough, you are now noticing that you are basically living in the bathroom. Your mother assures you that this is all part of the cleanse and that this is part of how you lose the weight. Food no longer sounds appetizing, but your stomach still continues to growl at you

Stage 6: What’s Exercise?

You just realized that along with the cleanse you were supposed to be exercising daily. You now try to quickly make up for this by attempting to do an exercise video online, that you only complete half of. After working out you get really hungry but have to wait until it’s time for your next meal.

Stage 7: You’re Tired.

This cleanse has drained a lot of energy out of you. It’s hard to sleep at night because either your stomach is bothering you, or it is time for yet another trip to the bathroom.


Stage 8: You’re Bloated.

You are noticing that it looks like you have gained weight, rather than lost it. Remind yourself that this is all part of the process. Being bloated makes you feel tired and lazy.

Stage 9: Finally Results!

Finally you are seeing some results! You are no longer bloated and can’t stop looking at your tiny waist in the mirror.


You have finally completed the cleanse! You have either reached your goal, or have come close which is still an accomplishment. Now you can tell everyone how you survived a cleanse and how easy it was (you can leave out the part about how miserable it was, if you want). 

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