10 Reasons Why Your Roommate Is Practically Your Boyfriend


You go to college and hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about having a roommate. Sometimes the horror stories are true, but other times your roommate becomes one of your closest friends. Sometimes, the two of you become so close, you begin to seem like a couple!


Here are Her Campus’s top 10 reasons why your roommate is basically your boyfriend:


1. You go on lunch and dinner dates all the time.

It may only be a date at the dining hall but who cares! If anyone is down to get food with you, it’s definitely your roomie.


2. You sleep next to them every night.

Okay so you sleep next to each other in separate beds, but you still know they’re always there.


3. People have started to invite you to things together.

At this point you’re basically a married couple. People don’t even text you separately to invite you to parties anymore because by now you’re considered a package deal.


4. They always know how to make you laugh on a bad day.

Whether you’re stressing out about an exam, or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, they know exactly what it takes to make you crack a smile!


5. They see you naked… a lot.

When you first came to college, you probably turned away in separate corners to get changed, but now you’re past the point of awkward encounters and likely have conversations in the nude.


6. You get into stupid fights, but always get over it.

Sometimes you forget to lock the door, sometimes they’re too noisy when they get ready in the morning – either way you two forget about the issue in a couple of hours and go back to loving each other.


7. When you bring them home to meet the parents it’s kind of a big deal.

No one brings home a roomie (or boyfriend) they don’t want to show off to their family! You want your family and friends at home to love your roommate just as much as you do when they meet them.


8. They’re the first person you talk to when you wake up, and the last person you talk to before you go to bed.

There’s nothing better than a nice chat with your roomie on a Sunday morning about what happened the night before (we don’t always remember), or a heart-to-heart before bed after a long day – your roomie is always up for a good conversation.


9. Sometimes they help you take your shirt off.

There’s always that one time after a night out you’re going to need some help…it happens to the best of us.


10. You love them!

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a roomie who becomes your rock, your best friend, and someone who rivals your boyfriend!