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10 Reasons Why Being Accident Prone is the Worst


1.   Because your plans for spring break are ruined by your injuries.  

2.   Trudging around campus on the snowy walkway is even tougher when you have a boot on your foot.

3.   There is never enough Advil.  

4.   You always have to be tentative while making plans. The time between planning and attending an event leaves possibilities for injury.

5.   Your X-ray technician knows you by name and asks you about the events you went to in between appointments. 


6.   You never are fully healthy. Something always tends to be sore, especially when it rains!

7.   You miss out on all the fun things your friends do. Even if you think that you can do what they do, you honestly can’t and will probably hurt yourself more.

8.   Medical insurance is through the roof.  

9.   You can hurt things in the weirdest ways, like breaking your pinky toe by running into your dad… not fun.

10.  When your friends from home haven’t seen you in a while they just assume something will be wrong with you.  

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