10 Places to Eat Before You Graduate From Bryant

Sometimes (or most of the time), the dining hall just simply doesn’t cut it – it’s really a hit or miss most nights. Luckily, Bryant is surrounded by a number of delicious eateries, and you must try some of these joints before graduating. So when you want to take a break from the dining hall, your microwaveable food, or even the chain restaurants nearby, check out these neat spots!


1. Ken’s Ramen

Now, we all know a staple in college is instant ramen noodles. It’s just simply part of the college diet. But you’re really missing out if you haven’t ventured outside of these microwaveable noodles. To ramp up your ramen game, you have to check out Ken’s Ramen. These savory noodles cannot compare to the ones in those Styrofoam cups. So, treat yourself to something fancier and have a bowl of ramen at Ken’s – you won’t regret it.

Location: Providence, RI


2. Den Den Café Asiana

For all our food junkies who love to post aesthetically pleasing photos of your food on social media – Den Den will be your new favorite place. This Korean and Japanese nook is located in a cozy café, a common college hangout spot for neighboring schools in the Providence area. Your dish is served in a sizzling hot stone bowl, something you won’t experience elsewhere. Not only does the food look great, but it tastes even better. Their Bibimbap is a must have.

Location: Providence, RI


3. Beef Barn

Most of the time, you take a right out of Bryant if you need to go somewhere, especially to get food. Some people may not know that when you take a left out of Bryant, down the road is one of the best places you can find a roast beef sandwich. Don’t like roast beef? No problem – they serve many different kinds of sandwiches and meals. But seriously, you’re missing out if you haven’t tried Beef Barn’s roast beef. To top it off, they’re incredibly quick and affordable. What better words to say to a college student?!

Location: North Smithfield, RI


4. PVDonuts

Every once in a while, you should indulge and treat yourself to something sweet. Most definitely though, you should treat yourself to a donut (or maybe 6). We’re not talking about a regular glazed donut here – we’re talking big, fluffy, insane toppings and/or fillings. These are not your traditional treats folks; these are specialty gourmet donuts.

Location: Providence, RI


5. Laura’s Pleasant View Diner

This place is not to be confused with the new Laura’s Bar & Grill – which also has great food, but their diner is a must if you’re looking for homey comfort food. They serve breakfast all day long, on top of lunch and dinner, with extremely affordable prices. Beware, they’re super popular in the morning on the weekends, but the wait is so worth it.

Location: Smithfield, RI


6. J’s Deli

Just down the road from campus is one of the best places you can get a sub. Their slogan says it all: “It’s not just a sandwich, it’s a meal”! These sandwiches are so big that most typically save the second half for another time. The menu is so versatile that there is pretty much a different type of sandwich for everyone. J’s is seriously part of the Bryant experience.

Location: Smithfield, RI


7. Parente’s Restaurant

Most students refer to Rente’s as a drinking hangout spot at night, especially ‘Tuesday Night Rente’s’. Often, some neglect to remember that it’s actually a restaurant and not just a place to down a pitcher of beer. The great part is that it’s within walking distance from campus, but the BEST part about this joint is their cheese fries and nachos.

Location: Smithfield, RI


8. The Thirsty Beaver

Again, another hangout spot for enjoying some beers with your friends is The Thirsty Beaver. But this place also has some amazing bar food. They constantly have specials throughout the week, and make your dining-out experience even better. Our suggestion? Go on ‘Monday Night Lights’ for $2 beer or ‘Tuesday Night Wing Night’ for half off wing baskets and live trivia!

Location: Smithfield, RI


9. Yamato Steakhouse

For all our sushi or hibachi lovers, Yamato is your new best friend. Trust us, you’ll want to take a break from the sushi on campus. To top it off, this restaurant is cheaper compared to the other sushi and hibachi places nearby. You seriously cannot beat their lunch special prices – so we highly suggest going before 3PM.

Location: Smithfield, RI


10. Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern

Lastly, this list wouldn’t be complete without Blackie’s. Are you really a Bryant student if you haven’t experienced Blackie’s at least once? Just a few minutes away from campus, you can expect some of the most unique and creative dishes. Seriously, you can’t graduate from Bryant if you haven’t tried it yet.

Location: Smithfield, RI