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10 Bizarre Careers If You Can’t Find a Job

For all of you seniors still looking for a job, we have devised a list of the most bizarre and unique jobs in the world.

1.    Presidential Poison Taster

This job requires specialized FBI agents to test the president’s food before he eats to make sure it isn’t poisoned.

2.    Golf Ball Divers

Based off the title, this job is pretty self-explanatory. Golf ball divers dive into the water to retrieve golf balls.

3.    Professional Mattress Jumper

Who wouldn’t love to jump on mattresses all day?

4.    Professional Sleeper

You get paid to sleep for scientific sleep studies!

5.    Fortune Cookie Writer

Ever wonder who wrote the fortunes that are in a fortune cookie? You could write them yourself!

6.    Professional Snuggler

In Japan and parts of the U.S. there are now snuggeries where for $30 an hour you can snuggle with a professional snuggler! If you like snuggling, this is the job for you!

7.    Bed Warmer

Hotels actually hire people to roll around in the beds to warm them up for the guests.

8.    Cat Behavior Consultant

Calling all Cat Ladies, we have found the job for you!

9.    Chocolate Beer Specialist

If you are really into beer, this is for you!

10.   Bread Scientist

Based off the title, this is simply the greatest job in the world.

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