The 10 Best Things About Fenway Park

It’s April, and that means it’s finally baseball season! Baseball season means us Red Sox fans can go back to Fenway Park at last. If you aren’t a Red Sox fan and have never been to Fenway – we’re sorry because you’re missing out on the best baseball experience there is.  There’s so much to love about Fenway and we’re here to list some of the best things for you.

1. The atmosphere – being at Fenway is an amazing thing. Everyone there has so much spirit and is so genuinely happy to be there supporting their team.

2. The food – everything at Fenway is great. Definitely don’t miss out on the kettle corn, which is made fresh, the Fenway Franks, Cracker Jacks and peanuts. It all just tastes better at Fenway. 

3. The singing - nothing compares to singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’ along with 37,673 other people who are all singing just as loudly and badly as you are.

4. Seeing the wave go around – once someone finally gets the crowd going with the wave it’s most likely going to go around the stadium at least five times.

5. Seeing a ball get hit over the Green Monster for a home run – the batter swings, hits the ball, it goes flying and there it goes, right over the massive Green Monster.

6. Hearing the whole stadium chanting, “Let’s go Red Sox” – hearing everyone come together and cheer for your team is just a wonderful feeling.

7. Getting ice cream in the little cup that looks like a baseball helmet – it just tastes better this way and you get to keep the helmet if you want.

8. Guys in baseball pants – do we need to say more?

9. The 7th inning stretch – we already mentioned the singing of ‘Take Me Ouwwwt to the Ball Game’ which takes place during this, but it’s so great we had to give it it’s own spot. During this time people also get up, stretch, and get food/ beverages because alcohol sales stop after this point.

10. The sunsets – if you come to a night game during the summer months you are guaranteed to see one of the best sunsets you will ever see.