Zooming Through Your Quarantine

There are definitely many ways that Zoom and FaceTime lack in comparison to face-to-face contact, but since it’s really all we can do, it’s important to realize the benefits of virtual connection. It seems backward that being separated from your friends would somehow bring you closer, but in strange ways, that’s been one impact of leaving school in my experience. 

Through this quarantine, I’m sure we’ve all been frequently FaceTiming with friends and family who are elsewhere, and through this, I’ve actually come to really appreciate FaceTime calls more than ever before. FaceTiming for me has been extremely valuable as an escape from feeling like I’m stuck inside of the movie Groundhog Day. Taking some space from my parents and just having a long conversation with a friend has been very important for me amidst this social distancing. 

Also surprising, FaceTiming has also made me feel more connected with my friends, in some cases to a greater degree than when we would see each other every day. There’s something about the fact that you’re giving the other person your full attention, and most of the distractions that come with regular life dissipate. 

Another lovely impact of all this video calling has been a feeling of closeness and connection with friends from high school and family members who I only really see for special occasions. Since we all really have so much time on our hands, catching up with friends from high school has been really amazing. Whether it is in big group zooms or individual calls, it seems like we’ve all shared a desire to remain close even though graduation occurred almost two years ago. 

It’s additionally been pretty entertaining to see my mom and dad zooming with college friends, along with other old friends who they normally never get to see. Hearing them laugh and bursting out into song with their pals really warms my heart. Although every day I pray that we can all start seeing each other in person, I am very hopeful that when we all go back to normal we continue to stay in touch with friends near and far.