Your Ultimate Guide To Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away! Are you someone who finds that holidays sneak up on you? Start brainstorming ways to show your mom you care! Getting gifts for your parents can be difficult, but finding something perfect for your mom when she’s miles away and you’re at school can be even harder. Below is a list of a few potential gifts from the college-aged daughter to mother that she’ll love every time. And remember – don’t stress too much! It’s the thought that counts.

Always Send Flowers

Even if you send her another gift, always find a flower delivery website and send some her way. While other, more personal gifts can be great, flowers are a constant reminder of your love and appreciation every time she sees them. Proflowers always has good Mother’s Day discounts and allows you to choose the type of vase you want, which lets you choose the vibe of the flowers. Hint: stick to more natural colored flowers over the artificially dyed ones that they offer; they’ll last longer and they’re much more aesthetically pleasing!

For the Foodie

Chocolate covered strawberries or pretzels are like the mom-version of sending Baked By Melissa. I’ve used Shari’s Berries for the past few years and have always been pleased with the outcome. They have a ton of types of chocolate and fruit to choose from, and if your mom is not a choc+strawbs person, they have cake pops, gift baskets, brownies, cake, and pastries for all sorts of sweet lovers. You can choose the delivery date to ensure freshness and add a festive box too! If it were me, this is what I would want…

For the Decorator

Purchasing a candle or oil diffuser is a perfect gift. There’s a huge price range; you can spend anywhere from $7–$200 on objectively very similar scents. If you know what scent your mom loves, perfect! If not, sticking with a simple lavender or orange blossom is usually a safe bet. A lot of places also have gift boxes, where you can get a candle, room spray, and an oil diffuser/sticks in the same scented set. This gift is great for a mom who isn’t as much of a foodie. It’s also a safe gift because realistically, who isn’t going to appreciate a candle!?

Gifts For The TravelerAnother undeniably great gift is a toiletry kit. If your mom loves to travel, get her one and fill it with TSA-approved mini toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, and other cute little trinkets. You can get her a monogrammed pouch or opt for a more plain look. If you know she has one she loves, look for a travel jewelry bag that is specifically designed to protect jewelry while you travel! I would look at websites like Mark and Graham or Madewell, because they offer a great variety.

The Sentimental Gift

Not sure what to get your mom this year and don’t want to send something? Print out an IOU for a mani/pedi date for when you return home for the summer! Let’s face it: your mom will appreciate quality time with you over any material gift you can pick out, with the added bonus of a fresh manicure! Tell her this one’s on you –– and chances are, she’ll end up paying anyways (😉).

If You Want To Be Creative

Worried your mom doesn’t want any of the things above? Get creative! Think of a list of 5-10 things your mom always asks you to do that you don’t love doing, along with some special things she loves. Make her a set of homemade coupons that say things like “one free dishwash,” “an afternoon together,” “I’ll take the dog out,” or “you get the last word.” These are super cute and you can personalize them however you want. Plus –– they’re actually really useful. Even the thought you put into what each coupon says will demonstrate your love and appreciation!

If these items don’t fit your price range, there are tons of smaller things you can purchase or make. Here is a list of smaller things that will remind your mom you’re thinking about her, even if your budget is a little tighter this year:

  • A mug with an inspirational message on it

  • A customized paperweight with a picture of your family on it

  • A handmade card

  • A new book that you saw and think she’d like

  • Breakfast in bed

  • A framed photo of you and your siblings

  • A bottle of wine

Happy Shopping!