Why Autumn is Undeniably the Best Season

I’ll admit it—I had my doubts about the fall.


Growing up, I was always a big advocate for winter. I believed that surely between snowfall, hot chocolate, and warm fireplaces, winter was the undisputed champion when it came to the four seasons. Sure, I would concede, summer had its perks: the beach, the free time, and the barbecues. But those delights were nothing compared to the majestic joy of the holiday season and the thrill of making a perfect snow angel.


It was only when I began attending Brown that my eyes were opened to the true wonder of autumn. Throughout my first few weeks on campus, the smiling faces littered across the Main Green and the beauty of the changing leaves warmed my heart. I came to love the brisk, crisp fall air and the smell of pumpkin treats and hot apple cider. By mid-October, I was hooked. Winter had been officially dethroned as top season.


In case you are still enamored with one of the other (inferior) seasons, here are some more things that make autumn so special. By the end, you’ll have a hankering for a pumpkin spice latte and an urge to hop on a hayride.


1.     Pumpkin picking and carving



Whether you’re six or sixty, pumpkin picking is a blast. Go on and pile into a hayride that takes you out to the field, pick the perfect plump pumpkin, and turn it into a masterpiece. It’s an excellent way to spend some time with your family and flex your creative muscles. (Easter egg dying is admittedly a close second.)


2.     Caramel apples



This fall treat is heavenly. Only in autumn is it acceptable take a perfectly healthy piece of fruit and smother in it caramel.


3.     Fall fashion




Scarves, sweaters, leggings, and boots. Need I say more?


4.     Halloween



Halloween is arguably the most underappreciated of holidays. For a night, you can be anything you want to be, and everyone you meet is handing out candy. Plus, in college, Halloween is essentially a weeklong affair full of booze and adorable costumes. Top that, Christmas.


5.     Thanksgiving



If any holiday is more underappreciated than Halloween, it’s Thanksgiving. On this one day, calories cease to exist and second helpings are mandatory. Plus, it’s a much-needed break from school and a great opportunity to spend some time with your folks.


6.     The homecoming game



School spirit comes out in its fullest at the homecoming game. Make sure you catch Brown versus Harvard next weekend!


7.     The changing leaves



Let's be honest—you’re not going to find a view better than this one.