What to Wear to Sporting Events

Football season is upon us! This means that you get to enjoy fun tailgates, rowdy fan sections, and cheering on your team. Football season also means that you get to be perpetually confused about what to wear to the games. Although picking out the right outfit for a football game (or any other other sporting event) can be difficult, I think I can help. Here are a few simple hacks I picked up on after the recent Harvard-Brown football game that will hopefully help you with the “what to wear” dilemma. 


1. Going to a sporting event does not mean that you need to look “sporty”

A common misconception people have when attending any sports game is that they need to somehow look athletic. Although you one hundred percent can wear an athletic outfit to a sporting event, it is by no means required.  Feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in. If you have more of a bohemian, preppy, or grunge fashion style, don’t feel pressured to stray away from your natural aesthetic. Instead of going out and spending money on a sports shirt for your team, you can just wear clothes that you already have in the colors of the team you’re going to support. By wearing your teams colors, you can show your spirit while maintaining the type of style you feel most comfortable and confident in.


2. Get crafty and cut your sports t-shirts

For those who do want to wear a sports t-shirt to an upcoming game, it might be fun to consider dabbling in a little DIY cutting of the t-shirt. Sometimes t-shirts can be boxy and unflattering. You can completely transform your once boring t-shirt by breaking out a pair of scissors and going to work. I recommend removing some of the excess fabric most t-shirts have at the bottom so that the shirt falls better with jeans, shorts, and skirts. Start by cutting off a small strip; you can always cut off more if the first cut is not enough. You can also cut the neck of your t-shirts to make them more open or to create a v-neck. Opening up the neck of your t-shirts is a particularly good idea if you have a certain necklace you want to wear.  


3. Bring a sweatshirt or jacket, even if you don’t think you’re going to need one

Fall in the northeast is beautiful, but can temperatures can drop off without warning.  You will not regret bringing a jacket or sweatshirt to the game once that fall chill hits. Night games can be especially brisk, so be sure to bring layers! If you have a sweatshirt for your team bring that one, but you can also sport a cute jean or bomber jacket. If you are warm, you will be able to focus on the game (instead of how cold you are) and enjoy your time rather than shivering the whole night. 


4. Wear comfortable shoes/shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty

You will most likely be doing a lot of walking to get to the stadium or gym, as well as standing up and cheering for your team once inside. Wearing comfy shoes is key to being able to fully enjoy your gameday experience . Sports games are usually crowded, and as a result, people may accidentally step on your shoes and get them dirty. You should wear a pair of shoes that are easy to clean or that you are fine with getting dirty. I wore an old pair of Converse to the Harvard-Brown game and was very happy with my decision. They  were comfortable and went with my outfit. I also did not mind that they were a little grimy by the end of the day either because they weren’t brand new.