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It’s hard to believe 2020 has already come and almost gone, even though it certainly passed painfully slowly at times. However, as we enter the new year, it is important to reflect on what we have learned. Our democracy has been tested, our economy damaged, our health threatened, and our expectations lowered. Still, it wasn’t all bad, and we have come out with some life lessons at the very least. Here is what 2020 has taught Her Campus Brown:

Happiness is a choice.


Changing out of pjs, even just into sweatpants, sets you up for a productive day.


Things I learned: which friends are like family, how much I miss concerts, that cooking can be fun, and that I am bad at texting.


That my family is my best friend.


Count your blessings and take time to appreciate even the smallest things. Nothing is promised, and optimism is key!


Family time should always be valued. You can find the fun in any situation. 


The power of community is invaluable - kindness, respect, and responsibility always win:) 


I learned to value everything a little more this year, even things I didn’t like in 2019 like 9am in-person classes and non-take-out Ratty food.


I learned that the people who’re there for you when things are really bad are gonna be there through it all. 


I learned to appreciate the small things in my life this year: iced coffee in the morning, Bachelor Modays, family game nights, and new music from my favorite artists. 


Family is the best. Appreciate any time you get to spend with the people you love most.


Nora is the Campus Correspondent for Brown University's chapter. She is a Junior from New York studying Applied Math-Economics. Her interests are writing, painting, and playing tennis.
Katharine is the Co-Campus Correspondent of the Her Campus Brown chapter. She is a Junior concentrating in Public Policy.
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