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What to do when a friend visits you 

This past weekend I had a friend from home visit me at college for the first time. Although I was super excited for her to come visit, I was definitely a little nervous to host her because I wanted to make sure that she had a good time. After having her stay with me though, I now feel like I have a fairly good grasp on how to effectively host a friend at college. 

Take your friend to a dining hall at least once. In order to make sure your friend really experiences your school, you have to take them to a dining hall at some point during their visit. Your friend will definitely enjoy seeing where you eat every day. Plus, they will be able to understand when you inevitably complain about your dining hall food.

Take your friend to your favorite off-campus restaurant. It is always fun to treat yourself to a meal off-campus and it will be even better with your friend. Make sure that the place you take them is authentic to your school so that they can get the real student experience. 

Give your friend a tour of the campus. Your friend most likely has never been to your school, so walk around campus with them so they get a sense of where you are every day. Be sure to take them by the main green, your favorite libraries, and some of your favorite classes. 

Take your friend out to a party. Your friend will definitely enjoy seeing what the party scene is like at your school. Additionally, your friend will get to meet all of your college friends if you take them out. It is always fun when your worlds collide! Make sure to stay with your friend while you are out though. They do not know your campus and if you two get separated, they will have a hard time finding their way back to your dorm. 

Overall, having a friend from home visit you is a great experience. You may feel pressure to make sure that they are having a lot of fun but seriously do not stress about that. Your friend is only really coming to spend time with you, so as long as you guys have fun together then it will be a successful visit!