Welcome Back, Brown Town

Well folks, that time of year has come around once more. It feels like just yesterday that we were handing in our final papers and boxing up our belongings, but believe it or not, September is in full swing here at Brown University. The freshman have made their treks through the Van Wickle Gates, seniors have already begun counting down to graduation, and I’ve had my long awaited Jo’s grilled cheese. I guess you could say school is really back in session.


Our plates are about to become very full, very quickly (if they haven’t already!). As life grows more hectic and nights out party hopping transform into midnight Sci Li study sessions, it can be extraordinarily easy to lose sight of where you’re headed. To combat this imminent stress, I’d like to share with you all something I learned last month at my job orientation. As a “welcome center specialist” at the Nelson this year, I and several other students attended a weeklong intensive training program in late August. We had a lot of information thrown at us, and to be honest, my retention rate was lower than I’m proud of. But one thing that my boss mentioned really stuck with me; she told us at all times, the most important thing you can do is to “fill your bucket.”


What does that mean exactly? Well, to start, look at the idea of self-fulfillment as a big silver pail. Some things, like all-nighters and midterms, will inevitably drain your bucket. It’s up to you to find things that will fill it back up, like buying your favorite muffin from the Blue Room or tucking yourself in a cozy spot on campus with a good read.



Go see the show that your hallmate is directing. Take a bus to Newport over the weekend and have some ice cream. Watch an extra episode of Orange is the New Black. Go play on the playground at India Point Park. Fill your bucket! (Also if you do go to the playground, please invite me—I love that damn thing.)


Whether you’re looking to have the best year of your life or simply aiming to stay above water in a sea of homework and extracurriculars this year, try to keep a good head on your shoulders and remember how fortunate you are to be here. Make the most of the year, and keep that bucket overflowing. Before long, it’ll be May once more and these next nine months will have been just a blip on our radars. So do yourself a favor soak them in while they’re here.