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Shoutout to our girl’s on Varsity Women’s soccer! No, but really, the women’s soccer team is currently in one of the most incredible seasons in recent history. Right now, their stats are 7-1-1; they are killing it. I chatted with Senior Celia Story about the teams’ successes, and how it feels to have finally earned recognition from the Brown community.

Question: What separates the team this year from past years that is causing the team to have such incredible results?

Answer: This season our team has incredible depth which has allowed us to be successful. It’s hard for teams to play against us because instead of having to mark 1 or 2 players out of the game, they have to focus on our entire offense because we are so multifaceted and talented.

Question: As a women’s team, you are often under recognized for your successes, do you feel like this season has changed that?

Answer: I think we have started to recently be properly recognized on campus when people started to realize how incredible our success actually is. Other male athletes have started coming up to us and saying that our program is putting Brown athletics back on the map and that recognition is important.

Question: How does it feel as a female athlete to be treated differently than your male soccer counterparts? 

Answer: I think there is an expectation for male athletes and men’s programs to succeed and do well, which is not always shared for women’s programs. For instance I think when women’s programs don’t have a great season, it’s not that big of a deal, whereas if a men’s program doesn’t do well one season people are up in arms about it.

Go support the girls and watch them tear it up throughout the rest of the season!

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