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The 10 Items You Need To Channel Your Inner Matilda Djerf 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

In what feels like a brisk seasonal shift, Matilda Djerf has risen to superstar status. An entrepreneur, designer, model, influencer, and advocate for eating disorders, she is leaving a glowing, far-reaching imprint. She presents an aspirational yet attainable image and brand, Djerf Avenue: a nonchalant, European flare woven elegantly with her precocious business visions and desire to transform the fashion industry to become more sustainable.

Djerf was born in a small town called Boras in Sweden. In the most effortless yet dedicated of fashions, she gained a considerable following in 2019 for her travel content, style, and hair. Her career began at a fish shop and juice bar before transforming into the founder and designer of a $34.5 million dollar business. Djerf remarks that her inspiration for Djerf Avenue was in large part due to her desire to produce sustainable clothing and pieces that were not available in popular European stores. She also emphasizes that she loves to be her own boss and create. Djerf considers her uniformed style to be “minimalistic, simple, sharp, and comfortable.”

This fervor has propelled her tremendously, and her clothing line appeals to like-minded women who are natural, polished, and playful. In its first year, the brand generated $2 million in revenue and today has offices in Stockholm, New York, and Los Angeles and 30 employees. She still prioritizes her own careful consideration of designs and has an integral role in the production of her designs in fashion houses in Portugal, Italy, and Sweden

Djerf and her partner collaborate in the c-suite of the company Djerf Avenue, which underscores their osmotic relationship which is also one of mutual respect – a value of Djerf. Similarly, Djerf models are never retouched or edited in a fallacious manner. She carries the responsibility of “influencer” with grace and intention, and she considers her role in projecting healthier body image ideals in the minds of her followers and clients.

All this to say, Djerf is a cultural phenomenon, and her style suits the college lifestyle. It emphasizes authenticity, self-worth, creativity, and charm. Here are the following essentials of any Matilda Djerf meets Scandinavian chic wardrobe:

a white cotton shirt
a pair of boyfriend jeans
a relaxed blazer set
A collection of bold, gold jewelry and statement sunglasses
A classic white tee
A barely-there makeup look
A mini, solid colored skirt
A matching cotton pajama set
A pair of ballet flats
An air of confidence
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