Summer to Fall: Seasonal Transitions

It is the beginning of October and here, on the east coast; we have started to pull out warmer sweaters, our leather boots and cute hats to keep us warm. But apart from the warmer weather there is something to be said about what we will miss about the summer.

 No matter what we did this summer: interning at that company you hope to work for after graduation, summer classes near home or at your university, or study abroad at some exotic locale, there is a lot to be missed from the warmer season we call summer.

• Carefree nights: While not everyone might have gotten this luxury, I myself had 8 weeks of late nights and early mornings due to work, but I managed to go home for a couple of weeks and have late nights without worrying that I had class the next day, homework due or reading that needed to be done.

• Beach Days: True to my California girl persona I spent plenty of time on the beach lounging and having fun with my family and friends. Even if you are nowhere near a beach you can always take a trip to a local pool or water park and keep cool in really warm weather.

• The Clothing/ Accessories: Nice dresses, sandals, espadrilles, over-sized sunglasses to keep the glare of the sun out, hats (I loved the fedoras at LOFT), and of course bathing suits (plus the sun block, skin protection is taken very seriously by me!). Fashion in the summer is very carefree and light and very colorful. I am not saying that in the fall we have horrible fashion because that is completely untrue, but during the summer it just seemed easier to dress up or down in five minutes.

• Spending Time with Family & Friends: While not all of us like to admit it we enjoyed those home cooked meals and being in our rooms from high school. We had fun gossiping about our high school friends and hearing what everyone from back home is up to. It is also nice to not be in a college dorm or university library cramming for exams or furiously typing up that paper that was due twenty minutes ago. Being home is a blessing in disguise we begin to appreciate this time of the year. We are in full swing of school and beginning to miss those days. Do not fret soon we will have Thanksgiving and then winter break! ?