Subtle Changes to the Brown Culinary Scene this Year

We are all creatures of habit in some way or another, whether you like to grab avocado toast from the Ivy Room every Tuesday night, or if your nights out must end with a Jo’s burger drenched in condiments and a hefty side of fries. At a relatively average sized school like Brown, we have enough dining options that all students are aware of each respective location’s offerings, but one might not necessarily notice the small changes that BDS makes to each Eatery unless it’s a part of your routine. After speaking to a few students who rely heavily on their habitual food choices, I have compiled a list of minor but relevant changes to Brown’s food options that have occurred this fall. 


1. Changes to Josiah’s

More than one student noted that there is no more Campus Market located in Jo’s, containing a wide variety of food and dorm essentials, as well as a substantial selection of convenience and drugstore goods. In its place sits a row of vending machines, which offer everything from the traditional sodas and junk food, to chicken salad bagels and hard boiled eggs....maybe it’s just me, but those last two items definitely don’t belong in a vending machine, so I’m curious to see how successful this addition proves to be. Additionally, I, along with some of my fellow Jo’s frequenters, have noticed that they have yet to serve chicken nuggets! If you’re not devastated by the loss of the campus market, I’m sure you can at least get behind the sentiment of nostalgia for the chicken nuggets that once were. 


2. The Blue Room’s new offerings

Though the Blue Room’s selection varies each semester, loyal consumers of their famous Grain Bowls are definitely still adjusting to the drastic changes they’ve made. First, instead of a make-your-own-salad vibe like before, the grain bowls now contain a combination of pasta salad, seasoned cauliflower, sliced turkey, your choice of arugula, lettuce, or spinach (we are lamenting the loss of kale), and a few other toppings with some dressing. While the new bowls are tasty and offer a good source of protein, I know I’m not alone when I say that the old ones left behind a hole that has yet to be filled. However, the Blue Room has also introduced tasty parfait bowls, similar to those served by Andrews on the weekends, with a selection of fresh fruits and other toppings. 


3. The Campus Market gets a glow up

The Campus Market below the Blue Room, similar to that of Jo’s last year, has allegedly  changed its name to Gourmet To Go. While I have yet to scope out what gourmet offerings they’ve stocked up on, the market remains a great place to go and grab convenience, drug store, dorm, and food essentials while still paying in points or Bear Bucks! Don’t sleep on Gourmet To Go.


4. Ratty Beverage adjustments

The Sharpe Refectory, affectionately known as The Ratty, added in a “milk alternatives” machine last semester. Lovers of oat milk, almond milk, and even their special “pea milk” alike were disappointed to arrive on campus only to find out that this new innovation had been removed over the summer. Not to worry though, these milk alternatives are most likely available by request, and you can get most of them at the Bookstore Blue State.  Also relevant to the drinks scene in The Ratty are the new juice and soda machines, which offer a greater variety of beverages with, in my opinion, a much richer (less watery) taste than the old ones!


5. Andrews cuts a favorite

While I can’t personally speak to the sorrow of this occurrence because of my preference for non-spicy food, I know many students are disappointed at the alleged removal of curry from the menu in Andrews Commons. There have been several Dear Blueno posts about the unjustness of this situation, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it reappear in the near future. In the meantime, Kabob and Curry on Thayer can satisfy your flavorful cravings.