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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

Early November has brought frigid temperatures and biting winds to College Hill much sooner than anticipated. And as a native Northeasterner, I thought I would be prepared to tackle the cold weather during college, but after just a few chilly days, I’m not so sure. My suburban high school experience allowed me to drive to any destination (with seat warmers and blasting heat). Instead, all of my current classes and activities require long and frostbite-inducing walks across campus. To embrace the changing weather and make the most of the cold, here are some tips and tricks to stay warm.

1. Invest in a good (and long) winter coat!

It’s common to see the infamous Canada Goose jackets around Brown before the temperatures even reach the 30s. Investing in a high quality winter coat that looks cute and actually keeps you warm is a must. While these jackets are usually on the more expensive side, they will likely last you the entirety of your time as an undergrad. It’s important to remember that waterproof jackets will be key for wet, snowy days, and a slightly longer coat that covers part of your legs can make you feel so much warmer. Sustainable brands like Patagonia, Reformation, and Everlane offer recycling programs. Other popular ones like Canada Goose, Pajar Canada, and Arc’teryx have 100% satisfaction guarantees.

2. Hats, gloves, and scarves make a difference. 

Besides a warm coat, other winter accessories like hats and scarves can be both fun and functional outfit additions. Even though I never listened to my parents when they told me to wear layers, I now understand that it does make a noticeable difference. Scarves can protect your face from the stinging wind and hats are helpful for your ears (and great for a bad hair day). 

3. Utilize the shuttle.

Since discovering the Evening Connector Shuttle just 3 weeks ago, it has become my new best friend. Whether I’m studying at the Sci Li or eating dinner with friends across campus, the Rider app allows me to get to and from my dorm without baring the frigid temperatures outside. If I ever forget a heavy jacket or if I’m just feeling lazy, I can hop on the shuttle and be in the warmth of my dorm room in under 10 minutes. 

4. Stay inside!

While spending too much time in the small dormitory you call home can induce some claustrophobia, it may be a better alternative than trekking across campus to your favorite study spot. Lounges can be used for both study spaces and social spots, and this uniting force of cold weather may allow you to bond with some of your floormates. Those on North Campus have the added bonus of not needing to walk outside to get to a dining hall! Overall, a heated room or the warm blankets of your bed may be the perfect remedy to the deep freeze of winter. 

Adjusting to the season may be difficult at first, but winter brings a lot of excitement. After Thanksgiving break, there are only 3 weeks left of first semester. Then, winter break is upon us; it comes with the excitement of the holidays and a much needed period of rest and relaxation. And before we know it, spring will be just around the corner! 


Maddie is a junior at Brown from Connecticut. She is concentrating in Economics.
Caleigh is the Co-Campus Correspondent of the Brown University chapter of Her Campus. She is in the class of 2021 studying History and French. She has previously held an internship position at Latina Magazine and worked as a social media editor for the Brown Daily Herald. She currently works as a digital marketing consultant for SiO Beauty. Caleigh grew up in New York City, where in her free time she explored neighborhoods looking for the best sushi and pizza, sharing her experiences through her food Instagram @food_overdudes.