Spring Weekend Line Up!

Stefflon Don (FRIDAY)

Stefflon Don is a London-based Jamaican artist who focuses on hip-hop style music. Her first song, in 2016, titled Real Ting, rose to fame not just in the UK and Caribbean but in America too. Her badass feminine vibes have begun to make her a popular icon in these industries. The BCA reported that Stefflon Don has been, “Mastering the Jamaican vocal style of singjay (combining song and rap) since she was 18, [and she] has featured and collaborated with countless artists from Sean Paul to Charlie XCX—her song with French Montana getting over 100 million views on Youtube.” These exciting collaborations should excite those who haven’t heard her name before. Stefflon Don is the opening concert on Friday, so be prepared to get those dance moves ready to start the weekend strong!

Yaeji (FRIDAY)

Yaeji is a Korean-American hip-hop style DJ and artist who dabbles in the house music genre as well. Intrigued by this seemingly bizarre blend? It doesn’t end there! Yaeji is a DJ, producer, visual artist, and vocalist too. Yaeji songs are in both Korean and English, making her truly one of the most versatile artists of the weekend! She rose to fame in 2017 because of her remix of “Passionfruit” by Drake, and created her Boiler Room set to cement this fame. BCA has assured us that Yaeji’s “infectious tracks” are the type that “can’t help but put on repeat!” Yaeji will provide an interesting bridge between Stefflon Don and Aminé, and she’s an artist so dynamic that it’s worth experiencing. Get ready to be blown away by the breadth and depth of this lady’s talent.

Aminé (FRIDAY)

Aminé quickly rose to fame with his breakout single, “Caroline,” in 2016, and peaked at #11 on the BillBoard Top 100 list. Since then, the Portland-based artist has cemented his place in the soft rap and hip hop world. He followed his single with an album Good For You in mid 2017. BCA attributes his success partly to his “energetic flow” and “undeniably catchy hooks”, which helped create songs like “REDMERCEDES”, “REEL IT IN”, “Spice Girl”, and “Heebiejeebies.” Aminé will be the closing act on Friday night, so we are depending on him to bring some energy and crowds, and to end the night with a bang to get everyone hyped for Saturday morning!


In their announcement of the lineup, BCA exclaimed, “She’s our favorite cowboy, and should be yours too!” Mitski is a Japanese-American artist whose career started a little earlier than the rest of our performers. Her several (5) albums were each successful, spanning just 7 years. Going along with the weekend’s theme of versatility, Mitski recently released the genre-expansive album Be The Cowboy. She has been described as a an Indie Icon of our generation, and won the title of 2018’s Best Album by Pitchfork. Everyone should get excited to see this talented artist on Saturday afternoon at the height of the weekend...we can’t wait to see what she has to offer!

Kari Faux (SATURDAY)

Kari Faux, the Arkansas-born, LA-based singer, is a sort of Jazz artist. BCA says her “deep hypnotic voice” will “leave you in a trance,” which intrigues us. In 2016, her song “No Small Talk” was included in the soundtrack of HBO’s Insecure, and this helped boost her to recognition. Once again, Kari Faux has demonstrated a dynamic, versatile music ability that will, too, give the other performers a run for their money with her range. BCA wrote that “Kari goes from instructing her audience to “make it bounce like Spalding” to leaving her the f*ck alone, in a recent EP titled CRY 4 HELP, dedicated to her struggles with mental health.” Kari’s range allows listeners to get many types of experiences out of her music, which is ideal for a crowd as diverse as this one.

Daniel Caesar (SATURDAY)

Daniel Caesar’s debut album, Freudian, rose to fame in 2017, and his song “Best Part” received two Grammy Nominations in 2018 and actually won a 2019 Grammy! If you’re not familiar with his music, it’s very melodic and he gives off serenady love song vibes. Many of the songs in Freudian feature female guest artists, so who knows, maybe we’re in for a guest appearance! BCA writes, “Gleaning away from today’s R&B trends for a more timeless and sensual vibe, Daniel Caesar has definitely secured a spotlight in music’s mainstream as well as a place in our hearts”...we’re excited to see what he has to offer for us this April and we’re eager to experience what methods he will use to hype up the crowd despite his typically slower-style songs, given that he’s the last performance on Saturday.


A little unclear is the fact that What Cheer? Brigade was listed on the line up; the group is a Providence-based street band that performs using solely brass instruments, saxophones, and drums. Apparently, the band is able to play a number of different genres. Fun fact: the brigade traveled to Hungary, Germany, Serbia, and the Czech Republic in 2007, so Brown isn’t necessarily its biggest crowd performance...however, will they give Brown Marching Band a run for their money? Is this territory encroachment? We look forward to seeing how this plays out, and how effectively this somewhat different and unique genre is worked into the weekend.