Spring Playlist

Anyone else having trouble finding new music for the new semester? Well same, but we did most of the hard work for you. We made the perfect playlist for pregaming this Spring. We have a great combo of new songs and some bops from the most nostalgic time of our life, senior spring. If finding music isn’t one of your strong suits, we hope this takes something off of your plate. The playlist is long, but they’re all gems. To get you excited, here are some highlights.

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I Hope by Gabby Barrett

If you haven’t found this song yet, you are missing out. It’s been awhile since we’ve found a song that we can listen on repeat for days without getting sick of it, but trust us, this is it. It is especially “it” if you can relate to the lyrics (listen and see what we mean).


Purple Hat by Sofi Tukker

This is the kind of song that your parents, if they are like ours, will grimace at while lecturing you about how this isn’t music. But, it is a really hype song and will get you on your feet.


Shake Something by Louis The Child

A great combination of rap and dance music. This is one of those beats that gives you that invincible feeling that comes with feeling the base in your chest, and its quick verses will put you in the mood for a night out, guaranteed. 


Time to Pretend by MGMT

This song is the pinnacle of the bittersweet feeling of youth. It’s one of those songs that reminds you that you’re young and stupid, and only will be for a little while. 


Ballin by Mustard and Roddy Rich

It starts off slow, but quickly picks up, and it’s hard to get out of your head. 


  1. I Hope

  2. Ballin

  3. How to Love (remix)


  5. Godzilla

  6. RITMO


  8. The Box

  9. What Am I - Cash Cash Remix

  10. Who’s Got Your Love

  11. Sonnentanz - Sun Don’t Shine

  12. Carry On

  13. Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie

  14. Purple Hat

  15. Drinkee

  16. Fake ID

  17. One Day

  18. Shake Something

  19. Free

  20. Cross Me

  21. Ghenghis Khan

  22. Time to Pretend

  23. Not OK

  24. Mother- 8 MIX

  25. Hot Girl Bummer

  26. SOS

  27. Takeaway

  28. What I Like About You

  29. So Close

  30. Higher Love

  31. Drunk Enough to Say That I Love You

  32. Sixteen

  33. I'm Not Alright

  34. Who Do You Love