Spring Break Binges

Now that midterm season is over (for now), and Spring Break is finally here, here are some recommendations for movies and TV shows to binge on your week off!!

Captain Marvel

Not only does going to see Captain Marvel give you an excuse to go to the movies and eat all your favorite snacks, but it’s an amazing story with some super cool action scenes. Captain Marvel tells the origin story of its titular hero, Captain Marvel, as Captain Marvel herself rediscovers her past. Samuel L. Jackson’s anti-aging effects are worth his adorable interactions with a cat named Goose and his post-credit scene explaining why he’s blind in one eye (don’t forget to stay all the way until the end for the two post-credit scenes in this movie). Brie Larson’s distinctly 90s style is complemented by an iconic fight scene set to No Doubt’s “I’m Just a Girl,” making this a full-blown feminist superhero movie.

Incredibles 2

If Captain Marvel doesn’t have enough feminist superheroes for you, Incredibles 2 is now on Netflix and ready for you to fall in love with. This time, Helen is out fighting villains while Bob struggles to juggle all the children’s lives, making this only Pixar’s fourth movie with a female protagonist. Luckily, we eventually get to see a family fight scene where the Incredibles save the day together and have a moment of unity, in which they don’t have to hide their powers. And if that’s not enough for you, Incredibles 2 also features many scenes of Jack-Jack’s powers developing, which means a lot of adorable scenes of the baby laughing at confused adults. The only downside to watching Incredibles 2 is that now that it is no longer in theaters, you can’t see the much ‘memed’ about dumpling animated short with it. This movie is more than worth the 14 year wait since the premier of The Incredibles.

Fyre and Fyre Fraud

Your two favorite streaming services, Netflix and Hulu, both recently released movies covering the scandalous Fyre Festival. Spring Break is the perfect opportunity for you to get cozy and watch a documentary about Billy McFarland’s scam on one streaming service, and then do it all over again the next night!! Although this is a break from school, make sure you thoroughly prepare your argument defending your favorite flick because, unlike the actual Fyre Festival, this debate is legit.

Legally Blonde If Spring Break has you missing all your bffs, Legally Blonde is definitely the way to go. Watching Elle Woods show up Warner never gets old, and her impeccable style can be an inspiration to us all. Although this is not a new movie, it is worth watching at least once over break, even if just to remind you that your dorm room will never look as good as Elle’s. Plus, when you’re done you can always just play Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde immediately after! So, whether you decide to make this the feature of your next girls’ night in or just add it to your personal queue, make sure you always live by Elle’s mantra: “What, like it’s hard?”