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We’ve all had that moment where we wish we were friends with Oprah. I usually have this moment when I am watching an award show. I see this powerful woman stunt in the most gorgeous outfits and I think maybe someday I will receive a birthday present from her. All I really want is a gift box, neatly signed Oprah in cursive, with a designer dress inside. Yes, that was a total gold digger moment. No, I am not ashamed because I know that I am not the only one thinking this. I love Oprah but I also love the potential she has to buy me all the designer dresses in the world.


Well, colligettes, there is a company that can help these dreams come true.


Rent the Runway allows you to rent those gorgeous designer dresses that you ogle over for much cheaper prices. When I first heard about this website, I was really mad at myself for not thinking of this idea first. Then, I got over it and started browsing. Dresses of all kinds, all colors, and all shapes are ready for you to rent. The best thing about Rent the Runway is that they. get. it. They understand that not all ladies are strictly 6 or 8. So, they’ll send you the same dress in two sizes so you can see which one fits more beautifully. They understand that we never buy dresses without some insight from our girls. So, they have experienced Go-To Girls to help you find the perfect dress. You can reach them via phone, chat, or email about anything Rent The Runway. They also have a gallery of girls wearing the dress you are thinking of renting. No more looking at models that look nothing like you. Real women, curves, hips and all, are modeling your future gown. When you are done showing out at your event, you just drop your pre-paid return envelope at your nearest UPS. Also, they have a Beyonce Boutique. These ladies are truly fashion geniuses.


Wait! There’s more good news! Rent the Runway has campus chapters! So, you can get all the information about Rent the Runway from your fellow students. The Rent the Runway representatives here at Brown are “empowering women ready to democratize fashion and make you feel beautiful everyday,” just as their mission statement declares! They really are amazing and are willing to answer any questions you have about Rent The Runway.


Rent the Runway at Brown just hosted their very first fashion show, which I got to model in! Also, L’Oreal Paris sponsored the runway show, so tons of free hair and nail products were given out during the show. I wore the Halston Heritage Tidal Wave Dress and was so sad I had to part with it at the end of the show. It fit beautifully and I am definitely considering renting it for a black tie event on campus.


Bottom line, ladies! If you are looking for a special dress to turn heads at your next event, do not forget to check out Rent the Runway! Also, be sure to like Rent the Runway at Brown on Facebook for more information about events and free giveaways, which include dress rentals!



Isabelle is a native New Yorker from Great Neck, Long Island. She is currently a sophomore at Brown University. Throughly in love with medicine and media, she hopes to become a medical correspondent for a major news outlet. When she isn't DJing for 95.5 WBRU or writing for HerCampus, you can find her on the elliptical watching Scandal. Or, in her room watching Scandal. Depends on the day. She also loves the color green, is obsessed with smoothie making, and loves to rep her Haitian heritage.
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