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Psst, Here’s How To Slay Your Semester At Brown Using Mood Boards

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brown chapter.

The beginning of a new year or semester always engages reflection and goal-setting practices, which – with the help of a few simple strategies – can be visually presented and manifested in the form of a vision board. As shopping period concludes and our schedules become more solidified, it is the ideal time to establish definite goals to make it your best semester at Brown.

To begin, identify your main areas for goal-setting. These can include but are not limited to: health, self-care, academic, personal, relational, professional, fitness, nutrition, travel, organization, extracurricular, and familial categories. Within each category, outline your specific aspirations for each category and select periods within which you intend to accomplish them.

Then, the fun, visual aspect begins! Look to Pinterest for visual representations of your goals and organize them on a board via Canva digitally or by printing them and gluing them to an actual canvas board. Add stickers either electronically or from a local art store.

Lastly, be sure to place your vision board somewhere visible! Make it a screensaver, or put your canvas above your dorm room desk. Wherever it may be, you will be reminded, centered on your goals, and motivated to fully embody and embrace your thoughtfully curated vision for the upcoming semester at Brown.

Maggie Seidel is the President of the Her Campus at Brown chapter. In this role, she oversees and recruits new members and writers, produces content for Pinterest and Instagram, manages the calendar, editorial process, and brand partnerships, leads weekly meetings and outreach, and contributes weekly articles. Maggie studies International & Public Affairs and Entrepreneurship, and she is a current sophomore. She is also a chair on the executive leadership team of Brown University's Women in Business, the Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Intercollegiate Finance Journal, a teaching assistant for an entrepreneurship class at Brown, and a member of Kappa Delta sorority. Her Campus is Maggie's place of happy. She also loves to play tennis, celebrate holidays of any and all kinds, curate new Pinterest boards, and enjoy a leisurely weekend brunch and cup of warm coffee.