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Lately, it’s easy to feel like your schedule is moving at 100 miles per hour… or at least I certainly have over the past week. Between running across campus during the 10 minute break between classes, or even just making sure I make it to all my extracurriculars on time, I already feel like I need a vacation. However, I’ve recently found that taking a minute to sit down and listen to music before I start my homework has done a lot to keep me calm and collected. Here’s a playlist of some of my favorite “chill” songs. 

“White Ferrari” by Frank Ocean – This emotional Frank Ocean number is a personal favorite of mine. For fans of his other work, this track is definitely on the slower side and features both great lyrics and a calming vibe, overall. 

“Island in the Sun” by Weezer – Whenever I hear this song, I’m instantly reminded of one of my childhood favorite movies, Aquamarine. This beachy classic can transport you to tropical island as soon as you hit play – talk about an instant chill pill!

“River” by Leon Bridges – This song was made popular by HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” but has now become well known among music lovers everywhere. One of my favorite things about this song is the ability to sing along to it (obviously with a much worse voice than Leon, himself). Either way, Bridges’ soothing voice will be sure to wash away all your worries.

“Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman – A classic beloved by many, this Tracy Chapman track never fails to put me in a “zen” state of mind. Also, it’s always a crowd pleaser, so put this on during a relaxing night with friends. I can almost guarantee that everyone will be signing along. 

“Forever” by Labrinth – Made famous by the infamous “Euphoria,” this song is mostly instrumental, with Labrinth adding a few vocal highlights. This is my go-to track whenever I have work to do and want some background noise. Because it’s so simple, it’s easy to listen to it on repeat.

“Invisible String” by Taylor Swift – As a self-described “Swiftie,” I generally turn toward Taylor for some anxiety-easing tunes. Invisible String is one of my favorites from 2020’s Folklore. It tells a touching love story, layered over a simple guitar-heavy track. It’s great for a sing along or as a way to unwind after a stressful day.

Check out the rest of the playlist!

Maddie is a junior at Brown from Connecticut. She is concentrating in Economics.
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