Overheard at Brown

When you go to school that’s as diverse as Brown with so many opinions and types of people, you are bound to hear some pretty entertaining stuff as you go about your life on campus. People are really not afraid to be themselves, and that’s what makes Brown so great. It also makes for a really entertaining article.


P.S. We hope to make this part of a series, so email [email protected] or [email protected] to anonymously submit the funny, crazy, controversial, or straight weird things you hear (or say).


After a crazy night out…

Girl 1: “I lost the Holy Trinity last night.”

Girl 2: “What, like Jesus and shit?”

Girl 1: “No, my Brown ID, my real ID, and my fake ID.”


Your average Brown professor…

Student to Professor: “Can we share that doughnut?”

Professor: “No. Sharing is for communists.”


Super realist opinions…

TA to section: “If you didn’t have to be in school, what would you be doing?”

Student: “As long as I could be asserting my authority over as many people as possible, I’d be happy.”


Unfiltered class conversations…

Student in lecture: “I don’t know, sex is just really weird if you think about it. Like it’s just such a strange act if you think about it in a day-to-day perspective of mundane activities.”

Professor: “Are you sure you’re doing it right?” 


Only at Brown…

Professor to student: *trying to make a point about digitalization* “What app do you use to stream music?”

Student: “Nah, I only listen to records on vinyl.”

Professor: “I need to stop calling on kids who wear large pendants and beanies non-ironically. It’s skewing my data.”


Just shooting his shot… 

Freshman boy to sophomore girl at a party: “Hey, so what’s your name?”

Sophomore girl: “No.”