A Little Bit of Perspective

This spring break, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit two of my closest friends at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. They showed me around campus, took me to a local eatery for dinner, and introduced me to some of their new friends. It was wonderful to reunite with them after being apart for almost a year, and I’m so glad that we were all able to take time out of our busy schedules to just be together for a couple of hours.


Being at a university other than Brown was very strange to me. I felt like a junior in high school again, exploring an unfamiliar campus and asking countless questions about classes and clubs and whatnot. I tried to iterate this sentiment to my friends, explaining that I habitually forget that other campuses besides mine exist. They proceeded to mock me (admittedly deservedly) for being self-absorbed.


But it’s true—being away from my cozy campus in Providence made me appreciate it even more. I hadn’t realized how much I’d acclimated to life at Brown since September until I was thrown into being a newcomer all over again. I realized how many unique things I have come to appreciate about my school, things that I rarely thought of as exceptional or out of the ordinary, but in fact are. We talk about the open curriculum and the celebrated diversity as Brown’s finest attributes, but here are some subtler (though equally awesome) things that this school has to offer.


1.     Thayer

I had totally been taking for granted the fact that a street lined with delicious restaurants, quirky shops, and a CVS cut right through our campus. So convenient, whether you’re craving Chinese food or need a last-minute costume piece for a theme party.


2.     A myriad of plays, showcases, performances, etc.


As a self-proclaimed performing arts enthusiast, I came to appreciate just how many opportunities Brown provides to see or get involved in productions on campus. Some universities offer simply one show a semester, while Brown flaunts a new performance or two every weekend.


3.     Jo’s

Whether you’ve got a hankering for French fries at 10:30 p.m. or are interested in some riveting people watching, Jo’s is the place to go. Most campuses have some form of a late night eatery, but I can’t imagine any can top the greasy goodness that is a Jo’s grilled cheese.


4.     An easygoing culture


Brown is the type of place where anything goes. Love stamp collecting? Great! Speak twelve languages? Good for you! Want to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt to a party? Whatever, girl, you do you. While most modern day campuses are heading in this direction, Brown is already most of the way there.


5.     This view


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