Lamenting the Loss of Senior Spring: Interview with a HS Senior

Being sent home from school in the middle of March was a massive bummer for all students––don’t get me wrong. But, it goes without saying that seniors in both high school and college truly got the short end of the stick. After all, senior spring is a rite of passage and something to look forward to for both high schoolers and college students. For high schoolers, there’s prom, senior week, graduation, and the weight of the college process lifting off your shoulders; and for college seniors, there’s senior week, easier classes, and finishing theses, and commencement speakers. As a sophomore, I feel like I’ve gotten the least offensive situation by being sent home- I’m not a freshman, where second semester matters for solidifying friendships, I’m not a junior who got sent home from abroad, and I’m not a senior missing my last few months on campus. My sister, however, was not so lucky. She’s a second-semester high school senior who attended a boarding school. This means that most of her friends live in different states, so these last two months were their last chance to be together for a while, as they aren’t all together whenever there are college breaks. I decided to interview her on her experiences and get her perspective on our current situation...

What first went through your head upon hearing that your senior spring was canceled? 

My gut reaction was to be annoyed and frustrated, which I admit may be selfish. Senior spring is what all of us seniors have been looking forward to our whole high school career. You work so hard throughout your time in high school that senior spring is a rewarding time, as it's your first time being able to experience a stress free environment. I felt cheated, and upset that I had to move away from my best friends and live back home. Also, this was the first stretch of time where my friends were all into college, so I was so excited to live at school and not worry about the college process.

Has your school done a good job transitioning to online? 

No, quite frankly. In my opinion, they have been pretty subpar at handling this situation. I don’t have many live classes, and the strong sense of community that my school had and is known for has pretty much disappeared.

What do you miss most?

I definitely miss living with my friends, being in charge of my own life, and having my own space. Even though I have my own room at home, I miss my single in my dorm at boarding school.

What senior event were you most looking forward to?

Our senior cruise. It's essentially a dance on a river cruise with our grade, with great food and music. It’s supposedly super fun and a great bonding experience, and something that you look forward to all four years.

Do you think this strange turn of events will bring your friends closer?

No. Ultimately, I think that with us already at home for the remainder of summer and all embarking on our college careers, we will naturally grow apart a little. With that being said, a lot of my friends now will remain some of my best friends. 

What are things you realized you took for granted?

I don’t think I took much for granted. My older sister always was reminding me that my time in high school will fly by and told me to cherish and value every moment spent. 

What will you remember most about senior spring in quarantine?

Creating a new schedule for myself at home and having to get into a completely different rhythm. 

Any words of wisdom for rising seniors? 

Don’t leave school on the weekends, you might want to at the moment, but in retrospect, I can say that you have to value your time there. In your darkest, most stressful moment next year remember you will soon miss it. If you end up having to graduate inside rather than outside, don’t be upset; rather, look at it in a positive manner.